Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The Debtors' Revolt Begins Now


Ann Minch of Red Bluff, Calif., a 46-year-old stepmother of two is angry as hell, and she's not going to take it anymore, according to HuffingtonPost. Minch has carried a balance of several thousand dollars on her Bank of America credit card for years and says she's never missed a payment.

Now Bank of America has rewarded her loyalty by repeatedly raising her interest rate, which reach 30 percent in July. (Yes, the same Bank of America that pocketed $25 billion of our tax dollars in the federal government's bank bailout last year).

Fed up, Minch turned to YouTube.

As Minch notes in her video:

"You are evil, thieving bastards. You have reaped ungodly profits in your behemoth casino scams, then lost, only to turn around and usurp the wealth of this great nation by the outright rape and pillage of middle class Americans, whose sweat and toil built it. The biggest ripoff in the history of the world is padding your bonus checks, with the federal government as your co-conspirators. Every last one of you should be rotting in prison."


Anonymous said...

There are a lot of angry people like this. But unfortunately, some of them fall under the spell of people like Glenn Beck and wind up voting against their own interests.

Jim Evans said...

I don't understand what the controvery is. This woman was not forced to take the BoA credit card. And now she's bitching and moaning about this card's terms and conditions, which nobody has forced her to agree to.
Hey people: it's called "capitalism." Deal with it, Libs.

Cranky Daze said...

Hi Marc - I'm asking you to read my latest and final post on my blog. I'm closing it out, and since you've been a visitor and very kind, I want you to know why I'm doing this.

See you in the funny papers.

Jack Jodell said...

Ann Minch is a HEROINE! I admire and applaud her courage. She is absolutely correct to do what she is doing, and I hope both her video and her effort go viral. Banks, big insurance companies, and concentrated capital in general have been raping this country for years, and now they're even effectively telling taxpayers to f**k off.

What we have seen here isn't capitalism, Mr. Evans. You are dead wrong, and free market, anything goes attitudes such as you express are the reason corporate America no longer has the slightest regard for anybody and is devoid of all ethical morality. This woman was attacked and victimized needlessly and unjustly by BOA. That isn't capitalism, Mr. Evans. That is ABUSE!

Distributorcap said...

gotta love those incredibly greedy and selfish and evil credit card companies - who love to change the rules in the middle of the game

my credit card rate went from 11% to 30% - and i never carry a balance. i told shitibank to shove it. yep that part is capitalism - i took my business elsewhere - what this poor woman is going through is not capitalism - it is greed and evil.

Fair Debt Collection said...

I understand that this woman is upset, but it boggles my mind how she is willing to sacrifice her personal financial future "for the cause."

We've posted a response to her video. It highlights some simple steps that she can take to resolve the situation and walk away. In essence giving BofA the finger. Find it here: http://www.creditlaw.com/blog


Anonymous said...

I paid all my accounts on time had an outstanding credit rating, (although under recent circumstances it was tough to do so). Bank of America changed my interest rate from 5% and 10% interest to nearly 21% for no reason. I called to try to opt out and to explain that there was absolutely no way I could make the minimum payment at these rates. They basically said too bad. When I couldn’t make the payment to Bank of America, all my other accounts raised their interest rates and started charging late payment fees, overlimit fees, outragous interest rates. So now I don’t pay anything on my accounts and will probably file bankruptcy. This is what we get in exchange for bailing out the banks?

I agree with someone who said we should have a no-credit card day to protest.

For all those who may comment on this. They wouldn't let me close my account and opt out. My other accounts raised their interest rates based only on my non-payment to my Bank of America account. Yes maybe I shouldn't have used credit cards at all, but being self employed it's hard to know what you have to budget. I would have done anything to keep my credit good and pay off my accounts (except pay 20 to 30 percent interest). No, it didn't apply only to new purchases but the entire balance. No I couldn't find a new lower interest credit card to transfer my balance to because of the recent credit crunch, they wouldn't give me any new accounts. My credit rating at the point Bank of America raised my interest rate from 5 and 10 percent to nearly 21 percent was 704 which is good to great.

Marc McDonald said...

I notice that Jim Evans, in his attack on Minch, had nothing to say about the $25 billion of OUR tax dollars that was given to BoA. I always find it curious how the Rush-listening "Conservatives" love to bash the little guy, but they're always silent about the hundreds of billions of dollars in corporate welfare that "our" government routinely hands out to the corporations, the rich and the powerful.

Marc McDonald said...

Hi Jack, thanks for your comment. Evan's remarks (and the Rush-loving "Conservatives") always remind me of Scrooge and his famous quote: "Are there no prisons?"

Marc McDonald said...

Hi, Distributorcap, thanks for stopping by.

>>>what this poor woman is going
>>>through is not capitalism - it
>>>is greed and evil.

My thoughts exactly!

Marc McDonald said...

Hi Anonymous, I'm sorry to hear about your story.
>>>This is what we get in exchange
>>>for bailing out the banks?

Sickening, isn't it? The banks and Wall Street made out like bandits with our tax dollars. And now the Wall Street execs are paying themselves RECORD bonuses. A lot of these guys are partying like the recession never happened.

Unknown said...

This woman has realized that she has been financially abused by the financial robber barons in BOA. If we believe her words and we should she owes a few thousand dollars has always paid on time and most of the time it has been the minimum. This behaviour signals the bank that most probably she can not liquidate the account. She becomes a prisoner of the debt and the bank keeps piling interest on. To the person that defends capitalism and is an American take note that capitalism is not on the Constitution. Capitalism is the explotation of the small business owner by the financial capitalist without any moral integrity. We have to add fair trade to capitalism so institutions like BOA don't exploit the population.

Jack Jodell said...

I just had another idea. Since we taxpayers loaned billions to BOA in the bailout, why don't we now turn around and charge THEM 30% interest on their payback? I mean, those bastards weren't forced to take the bailout! And as Mr. Evans says, "it's called 'capitalism.'" Deal with THAT, Evans!

Marc McDonald said...

Hi Jack,
>>>Since we taxpayers loaned
>>>billions to BOA in the bailout,
>>>why don't we now turn around
>>>and charge THEM 30% interest on
>>>their payback?

Great idea. And of course, the Republicans will be against it.
Hell, when we the taxpayers gave tens of billions to bail out GM, the GOP even opposed the idea of the government putting limits on what GM could pay its CEO.
In other words, We the People have to cough up tens of billions in corporate welfare to GM. And then We the People can't even put down a few reasonable rules for GM to follow.
That's all fine and dandy in the creepy, twisted world of the GOP.
These people wouldn't know real capitalism if it ran over them on the highway.

jolly don said...

Jack Jodell, I love it. Yes I'm going to write by seator and representative. We taxpayers loaned billions to BOA why don't we now turn around and charge THEM 30% interest or force them to reduce credit card rates to the original terms and conditions. Mr. Evans, I too am a fiscal conservative but this isn't capitalism it's greed and I am with Ms Minch we have got to legislate the thieves into playing fair.
# posted by Jack Jodell : 8:17 AM

Anonymous said...

I love the credit debate. Notice how the a-hole credit industry is punishing good clients with the same interest rates delinquent holders are teabagged with? That's because they're scared to death of any amount of reform supplied by the Credit Card Bill of Rights that the democratic majority is trying to cornhole them with, so they're reaping as much ill-gotten nut-shot profit as they can before the system punches them in the throat for once. These feap chucks are the reason this country almost tanked, they made easy credit ripoffs and sh*tty usurping mortgages too easy to get and reaped the whirlwind when they turned what was left of the middle class into indentured servants. This woman is a true patriot, she's sacrificing her privacy and what's left of her financial health in order to warn the rest of us about what we refuse to accept. The lenders were never our friend, they weren't even a frienemy. At best credit is a necessary evil to live in this jacked up country.

Unknown said...

Wow, When all else fails, or you don't want to blame the current preident who authorized the bailout, it's Bush's fault, it's the republicans fault, it's the conservitives fault. They are not in charge any more people.....blame the people who are now in charge!

Anonymous said...

I had a card with Washington Mutual. I transferred a balance to that card with a locked in rate of 1.87 percent.Washington Mutual sold out to Chase which then raised my locked in rate to 23.90 percent.Higher than a normal purchase rate of 13.40 percent.I think this is very unfair practice. When Chase bought Wamu all the interest rates should have stayed the same. I have never been late and I always pay way more than the minimum payment.

Anonymous said...

Good for her, Stand up and fight for what YOU believe is right or wrong...

Anonymous said...

The United States of America, Its strange how historically in our proud nation. We as Americans have produced all of our time beloved Patriots in times of great duress where the balance of social or economic powers can be changed irrevocably by an un-conscionable immutable corporate power struggle that has continued to bear the fruits of indecisivness that have since spread into a cancerous lesion within the halls of our own legislative bodies under the guise of special interest monies. "Iscariot" payments made out to our electee's faith in "The debt capitalism machine",with no empathetic link or loyalty to our great nation, founded by the people, for the people, a corporate entity cannot pedge its allegiance to our flag or stand independently to be judged by a number of its peers.The only loyalty to profit margins, and shareholders. "Here,Here"!! " I have not yet begun to fight"!!!

Anonymous said...

can you put my comment on now

Unknown said...

Look I've had problems with credit card companies in the past. So by no means do I think they are always right but, this needs to be said we need to start taking responsibility for why the banks are doing this. when you sign up for a credit card you sign a contract or agree to the banks terms so if you break those terms you can't complain if they raise your rate or give you fees. Ms Minch said herself in her follow up video that she was informed that she was late twice within a years time and by the banks terms they have the right to raise her rate. The real problem here is we as credit card holders need to read these terms and have to be responsible when we break the rules because guess what we used the banks money. Look I know people will say I work for the bank or I'm making excuses, neither is true like I said before I've had my problems with the bank and they do make mistakes and can be rude but that is their right because its their money I borrowed, key word borrowed. So if you want to really revolt start by making sure you know about how credit cards work read the terms before you take the money.

Anonymous said...

I've begun my revolt against this corrupt system run by power hungry politicians in collusion with greedy and amoral financiers.Those who stand up for the banks and blame the borrowers simply show their profound lack of knowledge as to how the capital markets actually work.So,I'm on a mission to educate those who truly wish to understand how we the people can reform such corruption visit www.balancedsuccessinternational

Ted McLaughlin said...

Note to Rob. The current president (Obama) didn't "authorize" the bank bailout. It was proposed, passed, and signed during the administration of George W. Bush.

Marc McDonald said...

Hi, Ted, thanks for your note. You know, I've mentioned Bush's bailout of the crooks on Wall Street to a number of Cons and they always respond with the "Well, Obama voted for it, too." In their view, Bush (even though he was president) had nothing to do with any of the disasters that occurred on his watch. You really can't reason with these people.