Saturday, November 12, 2016

Congratulations To Hillary Clinton For Winning the 2016 Election


At long last, the ugly, bitter 2016 presidential election campaign is over. And we'd like to extend our congratulations to Hillary Clinton, the winner of the election. After a hard-fought campaign, she prevailed over Donald Trump, getting nearly 3 million more votes than her challenger.

The American people have spoken.

Unfortunately, the Electoral College has also spoken. And this archaic, bizarre relic from the 18th century is going to overrule the will of the people. Of course, the Electoral College did the same thing in 2000. And we all saw how that turned out: the Bush administration: possibly the most disastrous eight years in American history.

To tell you the truth, I place the blame for this latest fiasco on the Democratic Party. They had eight years to abolish the democracy-destroying Electoral College and prevent such a fiasco from ever occurring again. (They also had eight years to reverse Reagan's disastrous decision to abolish the Fairness Doctrine---which led to today's public airwaves being polluted with the likes of fascist propaganda outlets like Fox "News" and Limbaugh). Turn on talk radio today and it's one big, scary toxic wasteland of right-wing lies and NeoFascist filth. (Am I being harsh is calling right-wing radio "NeoFacist"? Hardly. If you doubt me, listen to the likes of Mark Levin and Michael Savage sometime).

The bottom line is that we need to abolish the Electoral College and we need to do it now. now has a petition calling for doing just that now. It's already gotten over 280,000 signatures. It reads thusly:

Amend the constitution to abolish the Electoral College. Hold presidential elections based on popular vote. One person one vote to determine the one leader who is supposed to answer to all the people of the country.

To add your signature to this petition, go here.