Saturday, June 04, 2011

Unions and Competitiveness: My Interview on Labor Radio Program, 'Voices at Work'



On Friday night, I was interviewed by Ron Gonyea, co-host of the labor radio program called Voices at Work, broadcast in the Houston area on progressive station, KPFT 90.1 FM.

The focus of the interview was organized labor and how unions make a nation competitive, a topic I wrote about in my March 10, 2011 article.

Thanks to Ron and his crew for having me on their show. We need more vital, informative programs like this in the right-wing propaganda echo chamber/wasteland that is known as talk radio today.


Jen Miller said...

Nice job. I had no idea that there was pro-labor, pro-working class radio still left in Texas since Air America went off the airwaves. In the South, there is very little good content on the airwaves.

Anonymous said...

Has Obama done anything pro-union or pro-labor so far? It would have been nice if he'd made an appearance during the Wisconsin stand-off. I've been disappointed in Obama in many areas (Gitmo, the continuing war fiascos, Patriot Act), but his lack of action on labor issues has been particularly depressing.

SteveL said...

The Wisconsin workers are my heroes. We need to support them and show our solidarity any way we can.

Anonymous said...

Way to go Mark, you've pointed out the bullet points of the American Nightmare:

1. Hard work will get you nowhere except poor with effort.

2. Unions once allowed for well-trained, well-paid employees to funnel taxes to balance the equation. Now they're all but extinct on the premise that they're the problem and corporate America's sh@t doesn't stink.

3. WTF don't we have sufficient leisure time, let alone maternity leave here?


Marc McDonald said...

Hi WageslaveZ, thanks for your comment.

"Unions once allowed for well-trained, well-paid employees to funnel taxes to balance the equation."

Good point and one that a lot of the rich don't seem to grasp: that is, we're all in this together and the destruction of the middle class will eventually cause pain for the rich, as well. As always, the rich want their cake and they want to eat it, too.
At least the likes of Ford understand that if you don't pay the workers a decent wage, they're not going to be able to buy your products.