Monday, September 23, 2013

Michigan State's William Penn: A College Professor Who Tells the Truth



Michigan State University professor William Penn has been getting a lot of flack over recent comments he made about Republicans (as seen in the above video).

In the video, Penn describes the GOP as full of "dead white people, or dying white people."

"They are cheap. They don't want to pay taxes because they have already raped this country and gotten everything out of it they possibly could," Penn says. "They don't want to pay for your tuition, because who are you? Well to me, you are somebody."

Predictably, the right-wing media has been throwing a hissy fit over Penn's comments. And, predictably, Penn lost his teaching duties after making these comments.

I've got to laugh about the right-wing media's response. "That mean Lib! He hurt our feelings! Call the WAAAAAmbulance!"

Of course, right-wing media in this country never uses derogatory language. They never insult anybody. They never hurl vicious insults at their foes.

Nope, they're the pinnacle of courtesy and they always use logic, reason, and truth in their statements.

Yeah, right.

There's one big thing that bothers me about episodes like this. Yes, both Liberals and right-wingers have their occasional outbursts. But there's one big difference. Usually, in their outbursts, progressives tell the truth.

By contrast, the right-wing crazies just make sh*t up.

"Obama is a Muslim who was born in Kenya!"

"Obama is coming to take away your guns!"

"Obama murdered four people in Benghazi!"

"John Kerry faked his wounds to get the Silver Star and the Bronze Star in Vietnam!"

"Bill Clinton murdered Vince Foster!"

By contrast, I think anyone who is not a card-carrying member of the Fox News/Drudge/Rush Limbaugh cult would agree that, while Penn's remarks could be more tactful, basically the guy is telling the truth.

I mean, I myself personally know many Republicans who think and act EXACTLY like what Penn describes.

Their worldview can basically be summed up thusly: "I've got mine, screw everyone else."

We see Republicans who act exactly like what Penn describes in the U.S. Congress. There, you'll find dozens of "Conservatives" who enjoy lavish, taxpayer-funded salaries and very generous socialized health care benefits. And then, these same hypocrites fight tirelessly, day after day, to prevent our government from doing ANYTHING to help ordinary working people gain access to health care.

To these Republicans, "socialized, taxpayer-funded" health care is BAD. But oddly enough, they have no problem with enjoying lavish, socialized, taxpayer-funded health care themselves.

(Of course, no sane person would ever confuse Obamacare with "socialized" health care). But even this modest attempt at reform faces ferocious GOP opposition.

One reason I no longer consider myself a Democrat is that I long ago got sick and tired of Democrats who always wimp out and refuse to stand up for the truth.

After listening to people like Penn, it's clear that there are still a few fighters out there. And they don't give a damn about whose feelings they hurt. Good for them.


DemocracyNow12 said...

You know, I have always wish that Obama was more of a fighter (instead of letting the Repukes walk all over him). However, I guess I do understand his approach, in a sense. Obama is keenly aware that, as the nation's first African-American president, there's certain things that he needs to shy away from. (One is being a combatative, "angry black man." That would frighten white America, for sure.

David said...

I don't recognize your right or Penn's to dictate how I should live my life and how I shall deal with other people. I do indeed have mine, you have zero claim to it, and you're more than free to get yours.

Marc McDonald said...

Hi David: your comment makes use of a typical right-wing tactic: the "straw-man argument." The reality is, I never advocated dictating how other people should live their lives.
You may have wandered into this blog by mistake. Here, at this blog, we live in the real world: not the Rush Limbaugh fact-free bubble that today's right-wingers inhabit.
Please: go back to your comfortable little Drudge/Rush/Fox right-wing, fact-free bubble.