Monday, April 27, 2009

Mike Malloy: A Beacon Of Truth For Our Troubled Times


With his fury and righteous anger, Mike Malloy is a bit like right-wing talkers such as Michael Savage and Mark Levin.

Except Malloy is a progressive.

And he doesn't tell lies.

And he is well-informed.

And he tells the truth (unlike the right-wing talk radio hate-spewers).

Actually, come to think of it, Malloy is nothing like fascist nutbag sleazeballs like Levin and Savage. But he does get angry. And Malloy's rage has been a beacon of truth and sanity for many of us since the darkest years of the Bush era.

Malloy continues to speak Truth To Power today (even though he's had a devil of a time finding a permanent home on the radio dial).

First he was unceremoniously booted by Air America (which left a big black mark on that network in the eyes of many of us progressives). Then he lost his subsequent gig, when the progressive network Nova M folded.

In the spirit of "if you wanna get something done, you've got to do it yourself," Malloy has bravely set up shop on his own and is now self-syndicated.

I suppose some timid listeners will find Malloy too abrasive. But I think Malloy's hard-hitting, take-no-prisoners style is exactly what we need to counter the likes of Limbaugh and Levin. It's time we Democrats grew a pair. It's time we started fighting fire with fire. And last, but not least, it's time we started getting angry. Why, I've always wondered is it that the Right-Wing talkers are the ones who're always angry. We on the Left have a lot more to be angry about, for Chrissakes!

And if you're a progressive, please consider signing up and supporting Malloy's program, which currently exists solely through the subscriptions of its listeners. It only costs 25 cents a day. I call that a great investment to keep Malloy on the air, spreading the truth that you will never hear elsewhere (certainly not in the corporate mainstream media).


Agi said...

Nova M folded? Aah, that would explain why Randi Rhodes went away...

Marc McDonald said...

To to previous poster: it was recently announced that Rhodes will be returning to the airwaves (on Premiere Radio Networks) on May 11. I get the feeling that she won't last long on this network (owned by the right-wing assholes Clear Channel). She'll likely eventually get canned for saying something "controversial" (i.e. the truth).

Anonymous said...

We have a progressive station here in Dallas. They carry Malloy's show. But for some reason, they don't carry Randi's show. Instead in that time slot, they've got these two idiots babbling away, trying to be a liberal version of Howard Stern (I guess). That valuable time slot would be so much better served by The Goddess. Rational Radio: are you listening?