Sunday, August 24, 2008

Will Democratic Delegates Mock McCain With "Purple Heart" Bandages?


The 2008 Democratic National Convention kicks off Monday. And I'll go ahead and make one fearless prediction about the convention: no one there will mock John McCain's military service.

Speakers at the convention will likely criticize McCain's political agenda and his proposals for America. But no one will say one negative or derogatory word about his military service in Vietnam. Indeed, those who attend the convention will have nothing but respect for McCain's military record.

It's a far cry from what we saw in 2004 at the Republican convention in New York. At that convention, delegates mocked and made fun of Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry's Vietnam service record. Kerry, as you might recall, had a distinguished military record and was awarded the Silver Star, the Bronze Star and three Purple Hearts.

At the 2004 Republican convention, GOP delegates wore adhesive bandages with small purple hearts on them to mock Kerry's military record. In doing so, they were echoing a popular GOP talking point at the time (that Kerry's combat wounds were mere "scratches"). That, of course, was a lie: in fact, Kerry received a shrapnel wound in his left arm that caused him pain for years.

Would Democrats do such a thing to mock McCain's military service record? Of course not. It'd be inconceivable. Not even McCain's fiercest critics at the convention would ever dream of disparaging his military service record in any way.

One can also be assured that there will never be a Democratic equivalent of the so-called "Swift Boat Veterans for Truth," which in 2004 accused Kerry of lying to win his Vietnam military decorations.

And there you have it: a key and crucial difference between today's Democratic and Republican parties. The Republicans have shown that they'll do anything to win an election, even viciously smearing the military record of a distinguished combat veteran.


dr sardonicus said...

Would Democrats do such a thing to mock McCain's military service record? Of course not.

You know why that is, right? Say one bad word about McCain's military service, and the whole GOP is on you with their guns a-blazin'. Everybody from George W. Bush to Rush Limbaugh would be making "McCain The War Hero" speeches, the right-wing chorus would be running that flag up the pole, and you had damn well better salute it.

Now, what key Democratic figures came rushing to Kerry's defense when the Swift Boat sewage washed up on shore? What media figures praised Kerry for his distinguished service in wartime?

And there you have it. Republicans defend their Presidential candidates. Democrats, all too often, let them hang out to dry.

Anonymous said...

Why do you libs continue to try to compare Kerry's war record to McCain's? You have no argument. Kerry is a known pussy, and McCain is a known hero. But that was 40 years ago. Both men have moved on from that war. Since then Kerry has provided further proof he is a pussy, and McCain has just become weird. But the militay records cannot even be compared. This is a silly, wasted blog.

Manifesto Joe said...

One big distinction, whether it should be or not, is McCain's 5 and 1/2 years in the Hanoi Hilton.

Personally, I would regard that as a very good reason NOT to vote for him to be president. My wife, when young, generally wouldn't date Vietnam vets because of mental health concerns. She had a couple of friends who married vets who turned out to be shocking and serious head cases. I must say that the Viet vets I have known have largely been disturbed people.

I don't think McCain's war experience is a qualification for the presidency. But, because of the perceived sacrifice and suffering, people won't make fun of it, and he's getting a pass on a lot of things.

Anonymous said...

Interesting how your articles read as one sided as the other. That won't cause you success in really getting peoples attention today.

There's a middle ground and more than meets the eye. Do a little research and find what that is. Rewrite your articles.

You're missing a more than your weary eyes can take. But you'll find it.

Don't point at one without pointing at the other. The truth is there. Can you really be a good journalist and find it? Try.

You want a story, look beyond what you can see and open your eyes. Fight not being angry at those who you seem to hate and realize you aren't hear to judge it. You're going to dig deeper and find out what you missed. You might hate everyone later but you'll be closer to the truth.