Saturday, May 10, 2008

If You Liked Fallujah, You'll Love The Upcoming Bloodbath In Sadr City

As Chris Floyd writes, George W. Bush and David Petraeus are now gearing up to make a new Fallujah in Sadr City, home to 2 million Shiites in Baghdad.

Like Fallujah, it should be quite a bloodbath. Not that the American people will ever know. No, we'll continue to live our carefree lives, mindlessly listening to American Idol and eagerly following the latest exploits of Britney Spears and Paris Hilton.

God forbid that our corporate mainstream media should ever bring us the reality of the Iraq War. Just as in the case of Fallujah, the upcoming horrific Sadr City bloodbath will be carefully censored and sanitized.

As Floyd notes, the horrors of Fallujah were rarely reported by the MSM.

Americans "were spared shots of engineers cutting off water and electricity to the city – a flagrant war crime under the Geneva Conventions, as CounterPunch notes, but standard practice throughout the occupation. Nor did pictures of attack helicopters gunning down civilians trying to escape across the Euphrates River – including a family of five – make the TV news, despite the eyewitness account of an AP journalist. Nor were tender American sensibilities subjected to the sight of phosphorous shells bathing enemy fighters – and nearby civilians – with unquenchable chemical fire, literally melting their skin, as the Washington Post reports. Nor did they see the fetus being blown out of the body of Artica Salim when her home was bombed during the "softening-up attacks" that raged relentlessly – and unnoticed – in the closing days of George W. Bush's presidential campaign, the Scotland Sunday Herald reports."

In case you never saw it, the video Fallujah, The Hidden Massacre, (which documents the war crimes in the 2004 assault) can be viewed online here.


Anonymous said...

Who would have ever guessed that some of the most ferocious resistance that U.S. troops are encountering would be from the Shias (who were long oppressed by Saddam).

Anonymous said...

Who would have guessed the Iraqi Security Forces would have waltzed in and secured Sadr City with essentially no fight? It seems the fight continues to come from the self-hating left wing US blogosphere. I am sorry you didn't get your blood bath. It just does not work that way any more. The Iraqi forces are dominating the Iranian and Syrian resistance in Iraq, and the people are dancing in the streets and celebrating their freedom. Finally the American troops are seeing Iraqi citizens joyful and welcoming them as heros. It is about damn time!

Marc McDonald said...

In response to the previous poster, Sadr City is far from an oasis of peace. A bloody confrontation could still occur any time.

>>>Finally the American troops are
>>>seeing Iraqi citizens joyful
>>>and welcoming them as heros

Polls have consistently shown that the Iraqi people want the U.S. troops out of their country. Most Iraqis approve of the insurgents' attacks on U.S. forces, by the way.

If you were in Iraq yourself, fighting this war that you and you NeoCon friends support so vocally, you'd likely see all of this first-hand.

But no, you're a coward (like your heroes Rush and Bush) who refuses to go fight for your country.