Wednesday, June 20, 2007

The Michael Moore "Awful Truth" Segment That Inspired "Sicko"


If you haven't seen it before, Michael Moore's "The Awful Truth," TV series (which aired on Bravo in 1999-2000) was one of the best things Moore has ever done. It was a hard-hitting investigative series that took on many targets in American society, including corporate and political corruption, lies, and hypocrisy.

In the series' first episode, Moore took on Humana, after this "healthcare" company initially denied a man's claim to pay for a life-saving pancreas transplant.

The episode later inspired Moore to direct Sicko, his upcoming feature film, which will be released on June 29. This episode is available on YouTube, along with a number of other "The Awful Truth" segments.


Anonymous said...

Also, check out Michael Moore's site:
which offers information on "Sicko" and also encourages people to rate their own health insurance providers.

Anonymous said...

He is fat.