Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Gas Tax Rebate Scheme: Sleazy Republican Johns Think Voters Are Stupid Hookers


In its latest folly, now scrapped, America's self-proclaimed party of fiscal responsibility tried yet another insulting hustle on prospective voters: a $100 gasoline tax rebate.

With this sleazy solicitation, the Republican "johns" in Congress apparently regard voters as they would whores -- and cheap, dumb ones at that.

Maybe they're right about some voters. Plenty fell for that $300-per-taxpayer cut enacted in 2001, which provided cover for those bonanza breaks for the rich. But $300 is at least what a midgrade escort would expect. A lousy $100 is for streetwalkers, crack whores.

This year, many voters won't be bribed, or fooled, I'll bet.

Which political party has it been that, over many decades, scuttled projects to develop alternative energy sources? Gave the oil companies huge tax breaks and subsidies? Repealed windfall profits taxes? Balked at fuel economy standards? Had Big Oil in the White House, practically writing energy policy? Ridiculed a Democratic president (Carter) who tried, perhaps in all innocent sincerity, to set a personal example for energy conservation? Have had a revolving-door relationship with Big Oil so incestuous that our current "president and vice president" and the party's previous president, all had very close ties to an industry notorious for profiteering and campaign largesse?

Hey, congressional Republicans: Some of us have memories. And even the ones who don't are likely to vote against whomever seems to be making them uncomfortable at the moment. Gas at $3 a gallon isn't going over well with naive swing voters.

It will be such a pleasure to see you get the beating you deserve this November.



Anonymous said...

Pres. Carter installed solar panels on the White House during his presidency. When Reagan came to office, he had the panels removed. His oil company backers didn't like the message they conveyed, apparently.

Anonymous said...

ExxonMobil CEO Lee Raymond recently stepped down from his post. His retirement package was worth $400 million. ExxonMobil's profit in 2005 was $36 billion. (yes, billion with a "B"). Think about that the next time you fill up your tank.

Anonymous said...

I blame the Libs for high gas prices; if the tree huggers would allow us to drill for oil in Alaska, then America could solve her energy needs and we wouldn't have to import oil from these dangerous areas of the world, such as Saudi Arabia and Iraq.

Nevadan said...

Hillary and Gramps are lost. By suspending the gas tax this summer we will not have the money to rebuild our failing highways and bridges. Eight years of giveaways to the rich have left us with a broken system. Obama is our only hope.