Thursday, April 27, 2006

News Flash For Tony Snow: Racism Will Always Be A 'Big Deal' In America


For incoming White House press secretary Tony Snow, racism may well be no "big deal" in America today.

If, like Snow, you're an affluent, middle-aged white male from a cushy, comfortable upper middle class background and you live in a luxury gated community, it's indeed likely that the ugly specter of racism rarely intrudes into your life.

But here's a news flash for Snow: racism will ALWAYS be a big deal in the U.S., a nation where millions of African people died in hideous conditions during the four centuries of the slave trade.

Indeed, the closer one looks at Snow's idiotic comments about race, the more offensive and troubling they are.

"Racism is not that big of a deal anymore. No sensible person supports it."

Is Snow suggesting that "sensible" people supported racism in the past?

The fact is, pampered, affluent, white people like Snow have never understood the impact and history of racism in this country. Countless times, during debates, I've heard conservatives claim that "slavery ended a long time ago" and that blacks have been more than compensated since then.

Here's a news flash for all conservatives out there: African-Americans were in fact never compensated in any way for the four centuries of slavery. And what's more, bigotry and racism in America hardly ended with slavery. Repressive, racist Jim Crow laws were, in fact, the law of the land for a century after slavery ended. Thousands of African-Americans were tortured and murdered by cheering lynch mobs for many decades after slavery for no other reason than they had black skin.

It's highly ironic than Snow and other conservative commentators routinely downplay the impact of racism in America.

In Snow's comments, he said his view that "racism isn't that big a deal anymore" is an "unmentionable secret."

Here's the real unmentionable secret in America today. It's the fact that the Republican Party has cynically used race to divide and manipulate the American people. Most Republicans I know privately harbor simmering hostility toward blacks (even if they shy away from using the "N" word in polite company). Many would never vote Democrat, simply because it's a party that backs affirmative action.

Here's a news flash for all you African-American-hating, anti-affirmative action Republicans. Your hero, George W. Bush is never going to end affirmative action. Do you seriously think that the GOP is going to give up its best wedge issue; an issue that it has cynically used countless times to rally the troops? If you believe this, you're naive enough to believe that Bush gives a damn about anyone who isn't among his wealthy, powerful supporters.

Here's another news flash for all you "angry white males" who feel frustrated and oppressed these days. You don't know know the meaning of the word oppression.


Anonymous said...

I'm sorry, but racism is the overarching chimera that clings to this nation as a male dog trying to get that bitch.
sorry about the mixing of metaphors but this is serious shit.
If we can't or won't get through this we are not worthy of anything.

C said...

Great post!! I'll come back for another visit!

Anonymous said...

If Rush Limbaugh was a low-income black male from the ghetto and was charged with the same crime Limbaugh has been charged with, does anyone doubt that he would be sent to prison and would be doing hard time for many years? And does anyone seriously believe a rich white man like Limbaugh will ever do any time at all for his crimes?

Anonymous said...

>>FYI, blacks hate white people >>more than whites hate blacks.

Oh really? So when was it that they kidnapped millions of white people and then forced them at gunpoint to work for zero pay for the rest of their lives, doing backbreaking labor? I must have missed that chapter of U.S. history. When was it that they deliberately and blatantly discriminated against white people in the workplace and the justice system (as is the case to this day).

Anonymous said...

Best regards from NY! » »

Anonymous said...

Ok. Let me fill you in "bro"

1. Democrat's are the one who voted in the Jim Crow law's.

2. Your makeing racist comments in your own idiotic ramblings.

3. People like you are the true racist if you think you have it this bad in this country then leave to a all black nation.

4. If you think George Bush is a racist bigot your clearly very ignorant he has given more to blacks then any other president in history spending literally billions on black scholarship programs. That mostly go to ALL black talk about racism.

5.No, your not as good as you think you are in journalism.