Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Of Course Bush Is Responsible. Now, How About Some Action?


The biggest non-news story this week involves Bush saying that he takes "responsibility" for failures in dealing with Hurricane Katrina.

There's only one problem. Bush is supposed to be president of the United States. Of course, he's responsible for the disastrous federal response. Responsibility is supposed to come with the job. Bush has simply never conceded this point before on anything else--from the disastrous Iraq war to 9/11 to the exploding federal deficit.

It's a bit of a media novelty now that Bush is claiming responsibility for a change---but one thing that should not be overlooked is the fact that Bush had already full responsibility, whether or not he admitted it.

This latest development is nothing more than yet another cynical ploy on Karl Rove's part. It would be significant only if it were accompanied by some sort of concrete action. But of course, it won't be.

In many nations around the world (Japan, for example), a leader would have stepped down in the aftermath of a Katrina-like fiasco. Of course, we cannot expect that of Bush. But it would be nice if Bush would follow up his PR ploy with some real action for a change.

After all, it's easy to mouth empty platitudes at press conferences. It's quite another thing to, say, end White House-connected crony capitalism in the Katrina recovery effort.

Millions of disillusioned Americans are asking why it is that companies with ties to the Bush White House are grabbing some of the administration's first disaster relief and reconstruction contracts.

Since Katrina slammed the Gulf Coast, shares of Halliburton have climbed 10 percent. Fresh from raking in billions of dollars in non-competitive contracts in Iraq, Halliburton is expected rake in billions in Katrina's aftermath. As Britain's Observer newspaper pointed out, "...Halliburton has shone in the markets partly because it is expected to do well out of the catastrophe."

In short, Bush may think he's being a bold leader by taking "responsibility" for a change. But the thing he's never realized is that responsibility is supposed to come with the job of president. And responsibility is something that he's always shirked.

Bush's Rove-scripted "responsibility" PR moment aside, does anyone seriously think that anything will change with this administration?

In the end, nothing will change. In fact, I'd bet money that, come next August, Bush will again be luxuriating in yet another European-style 5-week vacation, oblivious to the worries and concerns of ordinary working Americans.


Anonymous said...

I'm not so sure things will work for Bush, as they have in the past. We have Fitzgeralds report and possible
White House indictments. Bush will find it more difficult for him to pardon any indicted WH members if he has lost support. Also civil war could well erupt in

Anonymous said...

I wish I shared your optimism! But how many times have we seen Americans wake to the alarm only to hit the snooze button and go back to sleep? I hope you're right, but I begin to despair...We have to do our part, by keeping the fire burning. Keep forwarding those articles and photos while the sleepy silent majority are incensed.

Anonymous said...

I was struck by the body Language of Bush. Usually, he looks right into the camera or audience with that cheerleader grin. Note how he
talked off to the side when he
"took responsibility". He acted
like he was in pain. What an act.

Anonymous said...

Of course Bush would not resign, unlike a parliamentary democracy our constitutional system is not set up for that.

Besides, the phrase "President Cheney" doesn't exactly roll right off the tongue.

Anonymous said...

Accepting "responsibility" is not
acknowledging his mistakes which
certainly makes the "President"
complicit in the deaths of many people.

Action on Bushes behalf would be an
immediate resignation and accepting
responsibility for his personal inaction resulting in hundreds of deaths by not providing military
helocopter medevac assets located
nearby in Georgia,Texas, and Tennessee....!!

Anonymous said...

With comments from Our Leader like "Government failed," don't be at all surprised if, on Thursday night, he calls for FEMA (or Federal emergency response) to be privatized.

Anonymous said...

Bush can't touch the resonse unit because of how it was set up. Now on federal and state issues.....for them to be evacuated and such is state issue. The president had been at the hospital.hes main artery in his leg was bad....he could have died form a clog. But go ahead have no shame and keep sitting there and dont help or support anything. You keep talking while you sit on your ass. Do you want to pay the expence of the helicopters to fly everyone? Not to mention the time it would take to get them there if they have any militry helicopters available(thanks to clinton for cut on such things). Man do any of you know anything on our laws...our president is alot more restricted to doing things involving locally, the local government was giving that job a long long ong long time ago.