Wednesday, April 05, 2017

Take Action: Let Bill O'Reilly's Advertisers Know What You Think



Advertisers are fleeing the sinking ship of Fox News' The O'Reilly Factor following the latest allegations of sexual harassment and misconduct involving Bill O'Reilly.

Which raises the question: which advertisers have fled? And which advertisers are still supporting The O'Reilly Factor? is on the case, as usual, and has put together a handy list of The O'Reilly Factor advertisers and former advertisers.

Are you fed up with O'Reilly? Be sure to let his advertisers know. Hopefully, we can shut down the open sewer of wingnut misinformation and lies that comprises his show. It may not on the level of impeaching that other woman-hating right-winger (the one who sits in the White House). But until that day happens, this will do.


Cirze said...

Thanks, Marc.

Take heart.

And keep fighting (h/t Lee Camp)!!!!

Love you.

Marc McDonald said...

Hi Cirze, thanks for your kind words, I appreciate it.