Monday, November 05, 2012

Fighting Back Against the GOP's Suppression of the Black Vote



The GOP's suppression of the African-American vote is increasing with every election. It could well tip the balance of tomorrow's election to Mitt Romney.

As usual, the site is documenting this sad fact of modern day American life. As the site notes:

"We're making a strong push to mobilize Black voters and our allies leading up to Election Day on November 6. We need people across the country to hear this message, and we need your help to spread the word. Help us get out the vote by sharing this powerful video demonstrating how our community has stood up against suppression efforts decade after decade, election after election."

Click here to get updates from's efforts to fight back against the GOP's suppression of the African-American vote. is also teaming up with Video the Vote to find volunteers to help document voting irregularities on Election Day.

As the site notes: "By recording activity at polling places, you’ll help keep groups like True the Vote and their right-wing allies in check, and provide evidence in case they cross the line."

Go here to sign up.

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Anonymous said...

Alternet reports that there are already many signs of dirty tricks going on at various polling places today. For example, in Florida, voters were told by the GOP elections official that they had until Wednesday to turn in their ballots.