Thursday, June 28, 2012

Obamacare Victory: GOP Spin Doctors Have Their Work Cut Out For Them


I must admit, I've quite stunned by the Supreme Court's upholding of "Obamacare." I've never really been a fan of Obamacare, as I would prefer a European style single-payer system.

But still, I hugely enjoyed the High Court's decision today. It will be immensely entertaining to see GOP Nazi pigs like Limbaugh and Levin desperately try to spin this news to their deluded Kool-Aid-drinking base.

The Great GOP Propaganda Noise Machine usually prevails when it targets a specific issue. (i.e. "Reagan Won the Cold War" "Obamacare is Socialism" "Obama's Birth Certificate is bogus" etc. etc.) I get the feeling that the GOP Propaganda Noise Machine will eventually find an angle to exploit and will work hard to try to diminish Obama's victory. (And, as they usually do, the GOP Noise Machine will get the mainstream media to take the bait).

Speaking of the mainstream media, CNN really had a spectacular failure today in initially screwing up the story. I originally got a CNN alert that claimed the Supreme Court had struck down the mandate. I was quite stunned when I turned on my PC a few minutes later and saw the news that the mandate had in fact been upheld.

After months of hearing smug GOP partisans claiming that "Obamacare" would be overturned, it's an enormously enjoyable feeling knowing that today, all these people are sitting around shell-shocked and depressed. I normally don't take pleasure in other people's pain. But today I will make an exception.

Hey, Pig-Man Rush----How are you going to spin this one?



Anonymous said...

By the way, Fox News also screwed up the initial announcement by claiming the mandate had been struck down. But in contrast to CNN, this is really nothing new for Fox, a network that routinely spews out lies.

Anonymous said...

Congratulating, you communist finally succeeded! I hope you remember this when your over 75 and get sick only to be told that your life is too costly. When they start to pump you full of morphine and cut off your food and water supply , just remember that is what you wanted. Hopefully if you parents aren't dead yet it will happen to them and you can see first hand whats in store for you.

Marc McDonald said...

Hi Anon, I really don't know what the f*ck you are talking about. You really need to turn off Limbaugh and the rest of the NeoNazi talk radio propaganda networks.
Incidentally, if I make it to 75, I have no doubt that I will still be working full-time.
Social Security and Medicare will have long been abolished, thanks to the GOP. The Ryan plan alone pretty much abolishes Medicare as we know it. And there's a lot more where that plan came from, thanks to the GOP.
And that is REALITY, not the idiot Limbaugh bullsh*t about Obamacare than you Republicans believe that has zero basis in reality.

Anonymous said...

The reality is that social security and medicare are already failed systems. If they were run by privately owned businesses they would have gone out of business long ago. So instead of trying to find a way to improve them we change the system in a way that will only make things worse. The Republicans tried to introduce their own plan but the democrats wouldnt even discuss it. The truth about Obamacare is that it will put an enormous strain on doctors and privately owned business. So on Jan. 1st, 2014 you will see retirement of doctors and closing businesses in record numbers. So if your such a fan of the European system then you should be happy. Wait times for appointments will go up, staff shortages will increase, and necessary procedures will take longer to be approved. But hey, liberals and progressives will now be able to pat themselves on the back and tell each other what great people they are.

Marc McDonald said...

>>The reality is that social
>>security and medicare are
>>already failed systems

How, exactly, are Social Security and Medicare "failed" systems?
And if that's the case, then why does every politician in America know full well that if they even hint that they'll cut these programs, they'll lose the election?
If they are "failed" programs, then why are they still wildly popular and supported by a large majority of the American people?

>>So on Jan. 1st, 2014 you will
>>see retirement of doctors and
>>closing businesses in record

Yeah, you Republicans have such a great track record with your predictions:
"We'll be greeted as liberators in Iraq"
"Bush's tax cuts will energize the U.S. economy"
"Bill Clinton's tax hike will give us an economic crisis in the 1990s."

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure where you've been recently but social security is going bankrupt. When it started people collected it at 62 and the average life expectancy was 65. Today people are collecting social security for 20 or 30 years. The amount that those who are still working will have to pay is going to skyrocket. It all went down hill when LBJ collected the SS funds and put them in the general fund. It needs to be reformed, but when a politician tries, the seniors scream and whine and the liberals come to their rescue. Medicare is a terrible system. It denies treatments to seniors that they need and won't reimburse doctors for procedures that were done. Auditors who have no medical experience are the ones making these decisions. They care more about saving money and preventing fraud than they do about helping the people who need it. The only reason these programs are popular is because people didn't plan for their futures and it's now all they have. They need to be reformed and eventually disappear, but that will never happen as long we have politicians who want to continue giving away money. I'm starting to notice that you are engulfed in an ideological fantasy and you left the real world a long time ago.

Marc McDonald said...

>>I'm not sure where you've been recently but social security is going bankrupt.

Well, one place I HAVEN'T been is over at Drudge or Fox "News" or one of these other GOP lies and misinformation networks.

Social Security is fine for the next 20 years. After that, it will START to have fiscal issues. But even if nothing is done, it'll still be able to pay out most benefits.

Of course, the problem isn't in the law itself, it's just the changing demographics of America---a nation that is getting older on average. The problem can be easily fixed with some adjustments to the tax code.

Anyway, you are simply wrong to be claiming that Social Security is going bankrupt.

Incidentally, I'm a bit baffled when I hear the GOP get all concerned about a fiscal issue that is 20 years on down the road. Since when do they give a sh*t about fiscal issues that far into the future?

George W. Bush, after all, racked up over $1 trillion in his disasterous Iraq War and he made ZERO provision to pay for it. In fact, he cut taxes and simply put this gigantic war cost on the nation's tab. And it's a bill that we need to pay NOW, instead of putting it on the nation's credit card for our grandchildren to pay.

But Republicans don't have anything to say about that. No, they're claiming to be worried about Social Security (a program that is fine for the next 20 years).

>>>Medicare is a terrible system.

Huh? What? You're really in the extreme minority with this opinion. Polls show that most Americans like and support Medicare. Even a majority of the TeaBaggers support it.

>>as long we have politicians who
>>want to continue giving away

So if I eventually some day collect Medicare, then you think the government is "giving" me money? That's simply not true. I've paid for Medicare and Social Security all of my life. I don't expect a handout.

I just expect this government to honor its promise to me. Of course, it won't. Thanks to Republicans like yourself who continue to vote for extremists, I'm sure that Medicare and Social Security will both be abolished before I can benefit from these programs that I paid for.

I have no doubt that the Republicans will steal MY money, as usual. But hey, they need that money so they can bail out their rich friends who're the crooks on Wall Street (like Bush did). They also need trillions more so they can go around the world invading other nations to steal their oil.