Monday, April 30, 2012

My Challenge To Rush Limbaugh: Why Don't You Insult A Union Worker To His Face?


Just as he despises women and minorities, Rush Limbaugh really has it in for labor unions. He is constantly bashing them (as Media Matters and other watchdog sites have noted over the years). Like most Republicans, Limbaugh is convinced that union workers are lazy, pampered, overpaid and leeches on society. He has even called union members "thugs" and questioned their patriotism.

I find it really rich that Limbaugh would consider union workers pampered and overpaid. This, coming from a mega-millionaire whose idea of "work" is to sit on his fat ass in his air-conditioned studio, spewing lies into a microphone for a few hours a day. No wonder Limbaugh pulls down hundreds of millions of dollars from anti-union corporate America.

Memo to Limbaugh: you don't have a f*cking clue as to what real work is. I'm talking about the sort of physically demanding work done every day by millions of ordinary blue collar union workers across America.

Maybe if Limbaugh had ever actually done any real physical work in his life, he wouldn't have the bloated physique of Jabba the Hutt.

I myself know a thing or two about physical labor, having worked in grueling blue collar jobs much of my life, often for little pay and crappy benefits. I once had a job leveling foundations, where I had to crawl underneath houses, lugging heavy equipment. I don't which was worse: the stifling heat, the claustrophobic conditions---or the snake that once slithered over my face while I was lying on my back underneath a house.

In later years, I worked on factory assembly lines--but the work wasn't much easier. I once worked at a factory gate assembly job, where the razor-sharp gate components often sliced my fingers. At the end of a shift, my uniform was often so blood-splattered that anyone who saw me likely assumed I worked as a butcher.

Of course, I'm hardly alone in my experiences as a blue collar worker. Tens of millions of us toil away every day and we find that it's increasingly difficult to earn a living, no matter how hard we work.

There's only one way to know what it's like to struggle as a working-class person these days--and that's to live the life first-hand. I suspect that people like Limbaugh (who came from a wealthy background) thinks he understands what it's like to be struggling and working-class in America. And if that's the case, he's even more delusional that his radio ramblings would indicate.

It really galls me when I hear this fat piece of sh*t Limbaugh spew out his anti-worker, anti-union diatribes. Limbaugh wouldn't know real work if it bit him on the ass. For that matter, people in Limbaugh's elite social circles never have ANY real face-to-face contact with ordinary working Americans. (It's laughable that Limbaugh claims to be a fan of Walmart---does anyone really think he shops there?)

Which brings me to my challenge for Limbaugh.

Limbaugh: I challenge you to go to any factory in any mean, down-on-its-luck Rust Belt city. I challenge you to walk up to the assembly line and tell the union workers to their face that they're pampered, overpaid and that they're "thugs" and not patriotic.

Oh, and be sure to bring along a lot of OxyContin---because when you insult these union workers, you're going to be in a lot of pain after they beat the sh*t out of you.

Of course, being the chickensh*t coward that you are, I'm sure that you'll never take me up on this challenge.

Instead, you'll continue to sit in one of your lavish mega-million-dollar mansions, smoking your fancy $200 cigars and drinking your $1,000 bottles of fine French wine. You'll continue to rake in hundreds of millions of dollars for spewing your lies into a microphone and attacking ordinary people who do real work for a living.

Enjoy your lavish lifestyle while you can, Limbaugh. Someday it's all going to come crashing down on your head. History shows what happens in nations where millions of people grow increasingly hungry and desperate, while a pampered leech class rakes in obscene amounts of money, while presiding over (and controlling) a corrupt and out-of-touch political system. Just ask Marie Antoinette.

You can ignore my challenge, Limbaugh. But you're not going to be able to ignore the angry cries of the hungry mob when it comes crashing through your front gate some day.


Marc McDonald said...

Hi WageslaveZ, thanks for stopping by.
>>Because Porky Pig knows he'll
>>get his smart right-wing balls
>>kicked into his throat if he did

Amen to that!

mamatoby said...

I almost thought you were describing Barry Obama when you were saying "never worked a day in his life". What a crock of crap.

Marc McDonald said...

>>I almost thought you were
>>describing Barry Obama when you
>>were saying "never worked a day
>>in his life".

True, especially when you consider that, unlike George W. Bush, Obama had all kinds of advantages in life. His grandfather was a rich and powerful Senator and his daddy was President of the United States.
George W. Bush had to work for and earn everything he ever got in life. (So did Mitt Romney, who also came from a modest background).
By contrast, Obama had everything handed to him on a silver platter.

Anonymous said...

You know why he doesnt say those things to a union members face? Because the union member would bite off his finger like the union thug did to the anti-obamacare protester back in 09. Union members cant win arguments on logic so they resort to violence. Why put your life in danger because a communist cant get his way?

Marc McDonald said...

Hi Anon. Actually, over the decades, there has been an enormous amount of violence directed at union organizers and union members. I know. I was a victim myself. Yes, some of it has gone the other way. But 99.99 percent of it has been directed at union members.
Take Hitler, for example. One of the first groups he went after were the trade unions in Germany. He sent many union leaders off to the concentration camps.
I have no doubt that, if the Limbaugh crowd has it their way, we'll see a repeat of the Hitler years.
I also find it amusing how you refer to union members as "communists." The fact is, your hero, Reagan was a union member (in fact, he was even a union president). I guess Rush didn't inform you of that when he spewed out his NeoNazi ramblings.

Anonymous said...

I'd have no problem telling union workers their entitled socialist deusch bags that contribute nothing but decay to our society...actually I do it quite often

Marc McDonald said...

>>I'd have no problem telling union
>>workers their entitled socialist
>>deusch bags that contribute nothing
>>but decay to our society...actually
>>I do it quite often

You know, I personally know a few people like yourself. These are all self-described "Conservatives." And yet, they're all life-long employees of the government. Yep, that's right: they're all in favor of hard-core, dog-eat-dog, unregulated, non-union capitalism. But ONLY for the rest of us.
But for themselves, they have no problem working for an employer that shoves a gun into my face and forces me to pay their salary.
Am I the only one who see the sickening hypocrisy and dishonesty here?
Probably so.
Over the past 30 years, Americans have been brain-washed into taking the attitude of "screw everyone else, I've got mine."
This sort of approach has led to a lot of f*cking idiots voting against their own interests. The Powers That Be have gutted unions in the U.S. And with the death of unions has come the death of the middle class.
For me, the news isn't really that bad, though. After all, the death of the middle class means that U.S. style capitalism itself (which is really socialism for the rich) is dying. I say: good riddance. It's an evil system. The human race can do better.
Oh, and by the way: do you know who else was strongly anti-union?
Under Hitler, a lot of union members and union leaders were packed off to the concentration camps.
Could it happen again? You're goddamn right it could.
The only way the modern-day Nazis will ever silence people like me is to kill me. Until then, I will continue to speak Truth to Power.