Monday, October 03, 2011

Film Review: Lars von Trier's "Melancholia"



Picture this: there's a wedding ceremony and party at a big, beautiful estate, where dozens of upper-middle class people have gathered to celebrate. Lots of family, friends, good times and bad. Laughing, drinking, toasting, arguing and crying--and then drinking some more.

Oh, and a mysterious planet has appeared out of nowhere and is about to crash into the earth, ending all life.

Sounds like my kind of movie.

If you're fed up with the usual predictable Hollywood dreck these days, you should check out Melancholia, the new film by the Danish director, Lars von Trier, who created such controversial films as Dancer in the Dark and Antichrist.

Von Trier's films (and his eccentric personality) tend to divide his audience. Either you love him or you hate him. But I will give him credit for making thought-provoking films that push the boundaries and give little consideration to commercial appeal.

Melancholia is by turns strange, outlandish and depressing. In fact, depression is a big theme in the film. It's a topic that von Trier (who himself has suffered from crippling depression) knows a thing or two about. Melancholia won't cheer you up. But it will make you think about our short existence on this earth in ways you never have.

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Anonymous said...

Von Trier also did a TV show for Danish television called, "The Kingdom" (in English). Strange and scary and worth checking out.