Sunday, September 05, 2010

9/11: Will We Ever Know The Full Story?



I've long been reluctant to weigh in on the issue of a possible 9/11 conspiracy on this blog for several reasons. For one thing, I believe that if the Powers That Be had the ability to pull off something like this, then they also have the power to make sure that we never learn the truth.

Also, I've long believed that while Bush/Cheney were definitely sinister and evil enough to participate in something like 9/11, they were also such incompetents that I can't see how they could ever have pulled it off.

Finally, I'm allergic to conspiracy theories. I'm convinced that the old maxim is true: "The simplest explanation is the most likely one."

Speaking of conspiracies, I've studied the JFK assassination at length over the years. And I've concluded that, while it's possible there was a conspiracy, it's most definitely a fact that case has attracted a great deal of shoddy research and kooky theories.

That's also the case with 9/11. Let's face it: no matter where you stand on 9/11, you've got to admit that any kind of national trauma like this tends to bring out a lot of wacky, paranoid theories. Try arguing with most 9/11 conspiracy believers and you won't get very far---but you will get an earache from them screaming at you.

Having said that, I think that those skeptical, "rational" types who reject all 9/11 conspiracies are themselves probably going to an extreme, as well. Instead of rejecting all possibilities of a conspiracy out of hand, these people should open their minds a little more.

You're deluding yourself if you believe "our" government has told the America people the full truth about 9/11.

I've tried to keep an open mind and I've read quite a bit about the various 9/11 conspiracies. Most of them are just too bizarre to take seriously. Many others raise more questions than they answer.

I do have to admit, though, the YouTube video that I link to above does raise interesting questions that ought to be troubling to anyone who has a reasonably open mind.

Last but not least, I'd like to point out that a common thread to all 9/11 conspiracy theories is that it was a "false-flag" operation of some sort.

And it raises a question: would our government ever participate in a "false-flag" operation?

To quote Sarah Palin: You Betcha.

In fact, the chilling 1962 "Operation Northwoods" plan was a notorious false-flag plan. It called for the CIA to commit real acts of terrorism in the U.S. and then put the blame of these acts on Cuba. The goal was to whip up U.S. public support for military action against Castro.

So yes: we do have a government that would be capable of doing something a 9/11 attack, despite what the 9/11 conspiracy debunkers would have us believe.

So will we ever know the truth? The fact is, the GOP will likely recapture the House (if not the Senate as well) in November. You can be assured that the window of opportunity for investigating 9/11 will be closed then, perhaps forever.

It's a shame and a tragedy that President Obama and the Dems didn't look into this (or anything else that occurred on Bush's watch), when they had the chance. In that sense, they profoundly failed the American people.


Anonymous said...

Hi Marc,
I don't think we will ever know the "truth" about 9/11 anymore than we've ever known the truth about the Kennedy assassination.

I have read some of the conspiracy theories, and a few of them are quite troubling. The thought that anyone in our government, and maybe most especially a president and vice president may have been involved in the wholesale slaughter of 3,000 Americans is horrifying. I think it's also troublesome that an attachment or "pod" on the under-belly of the plane that hit the second tower either has not been noticed and investigated by someone, anyone, with the expertise and authority to do so, and that the first many of us hear about it (and I'm included in that "many") is on for-crying-out-loud, YouTube?

I don't suppose there's any point in asking what happened to the wreckage of the airplane that hit the Pentagon, is there?

Marc McDonald said...

Hi Anon, thanks for stopping by and for your comment.
It took nearly 40 years for the truth about Operation Northwoods to finally emerge. I'd suspect that it'll take many decades before we learn the truth about 9/11.

Jack Jodell said...

This is a very disturbing video that can only feed conspiracy theories. If, in fact, the plane was NOT Flight 175, what happened to THAT plane and all the people who were on it that have never been heard from since? VERY chilling to think that our neocons would go this far to stir up a war, but after all, they ;ied to us about Iraq too...

TomCat said...

Hi Marc. First, thanks for your visit and comment at Politics Plus. I've been here years ago, but lost track years ago too. I'm glad to be back.

On topic, the conspiracy nuts give me the heebie jeebies. I never did figure out how so many people can simultaneously endorse so many mutually exclusive theories.

That said, patterns of investment immediately before that day make it clear to me that people in the inner circle knew both the tarhet and the means in advance. While I don't think they were directly involved (They would have screwed it up had they been.), I do think they opted not to act, except to use the inside knowledge to make a big profit on the tragedy.

If Obama had gone after the Bush Regime from the start, the Republicans would have been put on the defensive and remained there ever since. Allowing them to go on offence was a huge mistake.

Marc McDonald said...

Hi TomCat, thanks for your comment.
>>If Obama had gone after the Bush
>>Regime from the start

The Dems, bizarrely, keep making that mistake. They keep reaching out to the Republicans---and then finding out that there's nothing but a bloody stump where their hand used to be.
Obama and the Dems should have gone after the Bush Crime Family with everything they had. Not only did the Dems gain nothing by showing restraint--but they set a dangerous precedent for the nation. Now, Bush/Cheney will never face justice.
You can be assured that the GOP, if it takes the Congress in November, will show no such restraint.

Anonymous said...

Marc's right. I didn't notice any reluctance on the part of the Republicans to go after Clinton over something that, first of all, was none of their/our business, but once made public, in no way came up to the level of corruption that was rife in the Bush administration. Democrats need to learn to give back as good (or bad) as they get. Bush and Cheney can no longer be impeached, but they could sure as hell spend some time behind bars.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of ' Knowing the Full Story...', here are some more facts about the particular full story to which you referred -

Anonymous said...

Did you know that the official version states that none of the aircraft involved in 9/11 has been positively identified by aircraft or engine parts.
I am an aeronautical engineer and I know this is impossible. The only reason why these aircraft were not identified can only mean that these aircraft were not the ones which were allegedly hijacked!
That traces of thermit/thermat were found in the dust of the three WTC towers is well known and all three towers showed pools of molten steel, not possible of a kerosine fire!

Your Body & Life said...

Hey Marc,

Didn't get a chance to read through comments just curious if you have seen this conspiracy video? VERY INTERESTING!