Friday, August 06, 2010

The Day Dick Cheney Told the Truth About Iraq



Any sane, rational, clear-thinking adult knows that Dick Cheney is a war criminal and a liar. But just as a stopped clock can tell the correct time twice a day, there was one occasion where Doctor Evil actually told the truth about Iraq.

In a 1994 interview, Cheney defended George H.W. Bush's decision not to topple Saddam. Interestingly enough, Cheney actually makes some sense in this interview. He even uses the word "quagmire."

Just like Donald Rumsfeld wishes the 1983 video of him shaking hands with Saddam would just vanish, I'm sure Cheney wishes that this video never existed. Because today, the 2010 Cheney (who still strongly defends the Iraq War) is a totally different person from the 1994 Cheney (who correctly predicted that invading Iraq would be a fiasco).


Anonymous said...

Cheney knows he can lie through his teeth, over and over and the MSM will never hold him accountable. Meanwhile, if Democrats ever say anything that is questionable, the media will hound them about it forever. For example, the media will never let us forget that Howard Dean once made an enthusiastic shout to his supporters at a campaign rally (why this was ever news in the first place was always a mystery to me).

Anonymous said...

I'm glad this piece of sh@t can's buy off death forever. Heard his heart's on its last leg finally. Hope demon Nixon gives him a welcoming, "Arooo!" when he arrives in Hell.


Marc McDonald said...

Hi WageslaveZ, thanks for stopping by and for your comment.
Yes, Cheney does have a enormous amount of blood on his hands. If there is a God, then surely Cheney will need to answer for his crimes
against humanity.