Friday, February 13, 2009

And the Kool-Aid Drinker of the Day Award Goes To... reader Victor gets the Kool-Aid Drinker of the Day Award for his insightful response to the recent article by Manifesto Joe that we posted here, titled "Is A Capitalist Meltdown Upon Us?" which took a look at the current economic crisis.

Victor's award-winning comment reads thusly:

"At the end of WWII, Eisenhower and his troops rolled into the last of the concentration camps and killing fields uncovering unspeakable horrors with emaciated bodies piled into mountains. He had the foresight to order his men to 'Get it all on record now - get the films - get the witnesses - because somewhere down the track of history some bastard will get up and say that this never happened.'
In spite of the reams of evidence to the contrary, there are holocaust deniers around the world. Driven by the emotion of their conviction rather than the facts staring them in the face, they make utter fools of themselves.

You people remind me of those idiots who ignore the lessons of the past because of your own selfish agenda. It some kind of insane frenzy to "stick it to the man," you are willing to hand over your freedoms and to deny liberty to your own children. I knew jealousy was a powerful emotion, but I had no idea it could be fanned to such an incinerating level such as we are seeing. It is no longer considered acceptable to praise and reward achievement. Now it is called excess. The winners who our economy is built around are being pulled down by the losers who have never been willing to demonstrate any energy or to produce anything. And when it is over, they will look around and say, "Why do we not have jobs? What have we done?"
But the true lessons of the past tell us the only thing government can do to help an economy is to lower taxes, get out of the way, and let the markets do what they will. It always works. And because lower taxes lead to increased wealth, it always results in greater treasury receipts.
But you seek to cover up the past. You say it never happened. You refuse to admit the lessons of growing government a la FDR, LBJ and now Obama have been catostrophic to the economy.
But the pendulum will swing. In 2010 conservatives will muster and amass on Washington after this orgy is over and the filthy aftermath is shown in the light of day. Lets hope that once they shut down the Maniac on Pennsylvannia Ave. they keep their wits about them this time.
And I want to say one more thing. Fuck you. Fuck you all who gleefully allow this proud nation's might and traditions to be trampled, raped, starved and killed off like those innocents in Germany. You should be ashamed."


Congrats, Victor, you get our Kool-Aid-Drinker of the Day award. But first, here's a few bulletins from Planet Earth:

1. Re: Eisenhower wanting to "Get it all on record."
Actually, that's what we Dems have long wanted to do with Bush's treasonous crimes. But (as was the case during the Reagan/Ollie North years) Bush and Cheney were the masters of secrecy and destroying records.

2. "The winners who our economy is built around are being pulled down by the losers who have never been willing to demonstrate any energy or to produce anything."

Yeah, losers like Warren Buffett, the richest man on earth, who has urged Congress to raise taxes on the rich. Clearly, Buffett doesn't know anything about economics or prosperity and, instead, we should listen to geniuses like GWB, (who was such a big success in the private sector).

3. "In 2010 conservatives will muster and amass on Washington after this orgy is over."

Yeah, the GOP showed us how "conservative" they are during the past 10 years (during which they held all the levers of power in D.C.) They inherited a surplus from Clinton and proceeded to double the nation's deficit with things like their $3 trillion war fiasco in Iraq. Yes, these are the people who we can depend on to restore fiscal sanity to Washington.

Oh and as far as the current Second Great Depression, it's clearly unfair to blame it on the GOP. No, let's blame it all on Obama, who's been in office a few weeks.

Please, Victor, turn off Rush and EDUCATE YOURSELF, moron.


Manifesto Joe said...

I'm not sure what history Victor is reading -- something in an alternate universe, it seems. The period 1921-33 was sort of like Reaganomics, The Prequel, with plenty of supply-side emphasis, low taxes (on the rich and corporations, at least), union-busting, sieges on what few social programs there were, few regulations on financial institutions, ad nauseum. The result, eventually, was a national and global catastrophe.

This go-round, it took longer. The Clinton years seem to have postponed the "free" market's abuse of the economy's demand side and the effects of its corruption, but Bush definitely finished the job Reagan and his goons started. We'll be lucky if this bottoms out later this year.

In contrast, after the policies of FDR and Truman, the U.S. had its famous era of postwar growth, 1945-73. It was mostly uninterrupted by Victor's Eisenhower, who as a moderate GOP president privately dissed right-wing Republicans who wanted to "repeal" the New Deal as fools. Union membership reached 35% during the '50s, and college became affordable for the first time to many children of working-class families.

To quote the late Sen. Daniel P. Moynihan: You are entitled to your own opinion, but not your own facts. Read the whole lesson, not just Rush's cherry-picked "facts."

Manifesto Joe said...

Oh, and BTW, Victor: Is all that "Fuck you" talk supposed to illustrate family values? When anybody else says that, people like you call them potty mouths.

You could start up a new movement, "Potty Mouths for Core American Values."

Manifesto Joe said...

Postscript 2, Victor:

Do you go to family reunions to meet girls?

Anonymous said...

I'm an independent voter, but I do have to admit: you Liberals do tend to try to re-write history. For example, historians now agree that the New Deal was a disaster for the American economy and it prolonged the Great Depression. And the LBJ, Carter and Clinton administrations were periods of high taxes and low growth for the American economy. I originally had high hopes for Obama, but sadly, it appears that he's going down the same Far Left/Socialist road of high taxes and irresponsible spending that plagued previous Democrat administrations.
President Bush wasn't a perfect president. But he was certainly much better than you Far Left/extremists give him credit for. He was certainly an improvement on Bill Clinton, who, let's not forget was impeached for LYING under oath.

Manifesto Joe said...

This is total nonhistory and nonsense. It's clear in hindsight now that the problem with the New Deal was that it was much too cautious. What eventually lifted the U.S. out of the Great Depression, starting around 1940, was the war effort, and that involved federal mobilization of the entire economy, including the nationalization of the auto industry and huge deficit spending toward war production. In other words, MORE government intervention, not less. The so-called "free" market had nothing to do with it. It was the country hanging back with those ideas that actually prolonged the Depression. FDR actually CUT spending right before the recession of 1937-38, under Republican pressure. Talk about rewriting history? You don't have a clue. Please read a book that wasn't written by some revisionist neocon.

LBJ, whatever his shortcomings were, left the U.S. with the last balanced budget we saw until Clinton. And, where did you get the idea that the U.S. had low growth during the Clinton administration? Clinton had flaws, but his handling of the economy wasn't particularly one of them. Growth was generally good. He delivered a surplus to Il Doofus that the latter rapidly turned into a gaping, nonproductive deficit, with his tax bonanzas for his rich friends. Which planet were you living on at the time, Anon?

Whatever history you've been reading, it's certain that right-wing dildos "wrote" it.
Again, you people are entitled to your own opinions -- but not to your own facts.

Manifesto Joe said...

BTW: Comparison of Clinton vs. Bush? Clinton isn't a dude I would be comfortable leaving alone in a room with my wife. But for the most part, he didn't screw the country, which Bush most decidedly did.

I don't think we'll have to worry about Obama's personal conduct. But both my wife and I used to say, during the Bush years, that if we could get Clinton back, we'd be willing to truck in the whores!

Manifesto Joe said...

Here's a link to a somewhat more balanced (well, for the MSM) view on the subject.

This didn't come from the Heritage Foundation or the Ludwig Von Mises Society, which I suspect, Anon, you have been relying upon as valid sources. (LOL!)

Anonymous said...

>>>Clinton isn't a dude I would be
>>>comfortable leaving alone in a
>>>room with my wife.

I don't understand why Clinton gets all this grief (even from Democrats) over the fact he had an affair. Presidents have long had mistresses. With all his mistresses, JFK made Clinton look like a monk. Hell, even Thomas Jefferson had a slave mistress (who bore him children, by the way).

What's particularly sickening about the Clinton witchhunt is that we now know that many of the GOP impeachment ringleaders were having mistresses at the very time they were calling for Clinton's scalp. For example, Newt Gingrich was porking his young 20-something secretary at the time---indeed, he wound up dumping his wife (he visited her in the hospital just before she was due to undergo cancer surgery and informed her he was leaving her). He didn't even adequately support her financially after the divorce---her local church had to take up a collection to help her.

But don't tell any of this to any Republican (or even a lot of Dems). The "conventional wisdom" these days continues to be that the GOP is "the party of family values." Even the MSM continues to peddle this dogshit.

Karlo said...

The argument about "winners" and "loser" seems a tad bit circular. The real losers are the saps who give up all the extra wealth they've created through increased productivity over the last couple decades to a class of fatcats who live off the rest of us like a pack of leeches. This idea that this economy is "Obama's economy" is absolutely inane. We are where we are because of more than a decade of Republican ideas on the economy (a decade that would include some of Clinton's "moderate" ideas). The Bush years were the equivalent of accelerating as the plane dives toward earth.