Saturday, October 11, 2008

Obama Hatred At McCain-Palin Rally: "Kill Him!"



Right-wing nutcases are displaying their foaming-at-the-mouth hatred of Barack Obama at McCain-Palin rallies lately. In this video, you can hear one nutjob scream, "Kill Him!"

But should we really be surprised at such unhinged hatred by Republicans?

After all, we've seen violent rhetoric like this before from wingnuts, aimed at Bill and Hillary Clinton. Examples:

In 2003, right-wing nutcase Michael Graham said of Hillary Clinton: "I wanted to bludgeon her with a tire iron."

Such inflammatory language is nothing new for the right-wing. Recall how Ann Coulter once wrote that the debate over Bill Clinton should be about "whether to impeach or assassinate."

Recall also the comment by Jesse Helms in 1994: "Mr. Clinton better watch out if he comes down here. He'd better have a bodyguard."

Or McCain pal G. Gordon Liddy's comment in 1995, when discussing how he'd used stick figures of the Clintons for target practice. "Thought it might improve my aim," he said.


AltandMain said...

I wouldn't worry too much about this. These have become, as you have noted, standard right wing tactics.

Most of these people belong in a mental institution for unstable persons, but I don't think that telling that will accomplish much. You're arguing with a mental illness here.

It should come as no surprise if the MSM lets McCain off for endorsing such vitriolic attacks. The MSM has a habit of not really being objective with anybody anymore.

Really though, this has become an accepted part of the Republican "win at all costs" tactic, along with other things such as voter intimidation. It is a disgrace, but I don't think that the right wing nuts see it that way. (Mind you if they did, they probably wouldn't be right wing nuts to begin with.)

Perhaps Obama should reuse LBJ's statement, "In your guts, you know that he's nuts."; these guys really are.

Marc McDonald said...

Hi Chris, thanks for your comment.
You know, it's interesting: the Right-Wing can dish out all kinds of insults, smears and threats.

But they've got extremely thin skins themselves. They're the most sensitive little wussies in the world. They always scream if someone insults them in the tiniest bit.

For example, the Right-Wingers were outrageous at the "horrible way" in which Palin was supposedly treated by the media.

I mean, the nerve of that mean Katie Couric! She actually dared to ask Palin what newspapers she read. What an insulting question!

It's clear the the MSM is all part of a Great Liberal Conspiracy to undermine America and GOP.

Unknown said...

it happened again today.

Anonymous said...

Special Reports Last Updated: Oct 13th, 2008 - 00:46:52


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Online Journal Contributing Writer

Oct 13, 2008, 00:16

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Anonymous said...

Someone painted "Death Obama" on the chimney of an Upper Arlington house that has a yard sign declaring "Another UA Citizen for Obama."

UnderCoverGuy said...

Well, Palin ignored the people shouting bad things about Obama? The Secret Service just investigated this and found no proof.

On the other hand, I HAVE SEEN FIRST HAND - at a McCain/Palin Rally, liberal protestors physically charged at and attempted to attack John McCain. The Secret Service dropped the wusses quickly and arrested them - and they deserved it.

So the left wants to complain about words?

That's funny...

Marc McDonald said...

Hi Undercoverguy,
>>>On the other hand, I HAVE SEEN
>>>FIRST HAND - at a McCain/Palin
>>>Rally, liberal protestors
>>>physically charged at and
>>>attempted to attack John

Hmmm, are you sure you're telling us the truth here?

There's a couple of logical flaws with your story. One big problem is this: if what you say is true, then why didn't HateWing radio, Fox News and the rest of the GOP Noise Machine jump all over this and scream about it 24 hours a day?

Indeed, that would make their anti-Liberal propaganda that much more effective than the "stories" they ARE promoting (which are nothing more than a bunch of lies, smears and bullshit about everything from Ayers to Acorn).

Bob Peters said...

You ask undercover guy if he is telling us the truth, but ask us to believe you? Interesting?

Watched the video several times, couldn't hear "Kill Him". Couldn't hear anything really, but a lot of background noise, noise that I assume you can make any phrase out of if you listen close enough (and really want to hear it).

It's funny how the comments from Chris (really miss your blog Chris) claim most of the republicans are unstable and belong in a mental institution (I guess you've put those stones away, huh Chris), but we seem to think the comments about FEMA preparing to overtake America and declare martial law are the comments of the "normal" left.

The funny thing is there is no retaction to this story, following the Secret Service investigation that could not find one single person to collaberate hearing the "Kill Him" comment, other than the "unbiased" reporter writing the story. But again, isn't it easier just to let the lie float.

Anonymous said...

Why has this blog suddenly gone stale? Has Marc been silenced? These right wing bastards are just rabid enough in their beliefs to justify killing or stopping someone who speaks out against their insane agenda. They would call it the work of god.

Anonymous said...

(I guess you've put those stones away, huh Chris),
I think you have mistaken your Chris's Eddie. The Red Hog Diary should be back in action around year end for your Holiday enjoyment!

Marc...Where are ya?