Thursday, January 31, 2008

Montel Williams For President

God, it was satisfying to see talk show host Montel Williams offer a few moments of sanity and honesty to the sick, sad 24/7 parade of fluff/junk food news/jingoism/GOP propaganda over at the Fox News Channel.

The lobotomized talking heads at Fox just wanted to chat about Heath Ledger, but Montel, a former Marine, stunned everyone by bringing up the subject that no one at Fox wants to discuss: the ongoing, senseless slaughter of our troops in Bush's immoral, illegal war in Iraq. (Needless to say, Williams lost his job after this segment).

Williams would certainly be a vast improvement over the GOP crooks and the gutless Dem wimps that are "serving" the people in Washington. I wonder how the right-wing Kool-Aid fringe blogs will spin this story.


Unknown said...

Montel Williams made a great point! President is too much of an exageration.

Anonymous said...

The discussion of Heath Ledger's death is ghoulish speculation and that these talking heads are the vilest of opportunists. There is no reason believe this was anything but an accidental overdose. This discussion isn't driven by a public clamor for ghoulish details, it is driven by the greed of these talking heads and informed by their ignorance and smug, self-centered disrespect.

Distributorcap said...

montel is actually a really good guy --- and i am so glad he did this -- but 4 days later he "resigned" from his show

resigned my ass -- he was fired, cancelled and axed

Ron Southern said...

Christ, and here it is 10 days later and it's the first that I've heard of it. Even the story of Montel's show being cancelled is not worthy news for the grist mill as other sensational things usually are, and I can't help but think it's because he broke rank with all the middle-level and high-level assholes at Fox and throughout the government and the country. Hope Montel doesn't have any car "accident" or anything coming up soon in his future.

Anonymous said...

Here it is June and I just found out about Montel Williams. A friend was reading something in the paper and ask if he died. I was like WHAT! So I got on line to find out what was going on only to learn that he was fired from his job. Well Thank you Montel for sticking up for our boys/girls in the war. I for one get so tried of hearing about all these movie people,they get way too much media time, it is just their job. Our real heros are the ones over there, yea it is their job, but it is alot more important then making some dumd movie and getting paid alot for it. I just want to thank Montel for standing up for those families who have given the most inportant thing in the world, a love one.