Monday, December 10, 2007

Bolton's "Putsch" Conspiracy Theory Outdoes Right-Wing Blogs For Nuttiness


Did you know that there's a big conspiracy under way to undermine our nation and our Commander-In-Chief? The Liberals and other anti-American traitors are in on this conspiracy. So are America's own intelligence agencies.

Sounds pretty wacky, huh?

The sort of thing you'd read on one of the nutcase right-wing blogs.

However, this latest wacky theory didn't emerge from the fringe blogosphere. It came out of the mouth of none other than John Bolton, former U.S. ambassador to the United Nations.

When U.S. intelligence services recently released a report concluding that Iran halted its nuclear arms program in 2003, sane people across the globe breathed a sigh of relief. Many of us felt that maybe, just maybe, this would head off the Bush regime's crazy, reckless march toward yet another bloody fiasco of a war in the Middle East.

However, NeoCons like Bolton are up in arms. Bolton has had a hard-on for war with Iran for years now. He's the sort of Republican who loves a nice, bloody war, as long as he gets to avoid doing any of the actual fighting himself (just as he did during the Vietnam War when he avoided combat by joining the National Guard, just like his buddy George W. Bush).

While the rest of us breathed a sigh of relief over the recent intelligence report, people like Bolton see it all as part of a big Liberal conspiracy.

Bolton, in an interview with Germany's Der Spiegel magazine alleged that the aim of the National Intelligence Estimate, was not to provide the latest intelligence on Iran, but instead to offer "politics disguised as intelligence."

Bolton labeled the report as a "quasi-putsch" by the intelligence agencies.

I used to think that such crazy conspiracy theories were limited to nutcases who write fringe right-wing blogs on the Web. (You know, the sort of blogs that claim that President Clinton once ordered a Mafia style hit on Vince Foster).

But these days, even top GOP figures are embracing the most bizarre and far-out crazy conspiracy theories. These people believe that anyone who dares speak out against their beloved Bush must be part of a giant Liberal conspiracy.

Here's a memo to Bolton and the rest of the nutcase fringe Right. Yes, there was indeed a "putsch" in America---and it occurred in 2000 when Bush and the NeoCons came to power via a massive fraud of an election.


Ron Southern said...

I hope Boulton dies, along with the two barking dogs who moved in next door. Death to mere irritants, that's my new motto!

Anonymous said...

Bolton has done huge damage to the U.S.'s reputation abroad. Between him and Bush, it'll take many years to repair the damage.

cwilcox said...

How do these guys even stand to look themselves in the mirror? The worst part is, I have occasionally asked neo-con friends what they will tell their children about how they are behaving, how they lead us down this path and they have NO PROBLEM with their lies and hatred. I suppose one reason they are so bitter is because everyday they get caught on something new and everyday, as they "squeeze tighter and tigher more of America is slipping from their fingers."

Ron Southern said...

Most people in most situations and in most political parties will open the toothpaste at both ends and then squeeze the toothpaste in the middle and wonder what went wrong.

Marc McDonald said...

Hi Red Hog, thanks for stopping by. I, too, have NeoCon acquaintances and I can tell you, these people live off in their own little Drudge/Fox News/Rush world. It's not possible to reach these people with logic and reason.
I used to think that the Internet would break the stranglehold of the corporate MSM in getting the truth out to the people.
The problem is, the Web can transmit lies, misinformation and GOP propaganda, just as quickly and easily as it can the truth. Which is one reason why a lot of people are as misinformed as ever, these days.

Unknown said...

It's too bad Bolton's European "performances" are rarely televised in America. Outside America's MSM otherwise known as corporate shills, Bolton always comes off looking like the dumb ass he really is. In one of the BBC's Doha Debates, for example, a young woman in the audience made Bolton look like a complete fool. And he is. He's also a liar ...and not a good one.

Marc McDonald said...

Hi Len, thanks for stopping by and your comments.
>>>In one of the BBC's Doha
>>>Debates, for example, a young
>>>woman in the audience made
>>>Bolton look like a complete
>>> fool.

I would've loved to have seen that! I also recall when that Irish reporter did a one-on-one interview with The Chimp and (much to his anger and annoyance) asked him tough questions---the sort that he never gets from the White House stenographers in the Washington press corps.