Saturday, September 22, 2007

Cornyn Watch: Senator Protecting Us From MoveOn Traitors


It's so damned comforting that Sen. John Cornyn, R-Texas, took the initiative in guarding our republic from those slimy traitors at He could perhaps have been doing other things, like figuring out how to get U.S. troops out of this quagmire of a civil war in Iraq. But he has his priorities. Defending a man of impeccable truth such as Gen. David Petraeus just had to go on the senator's front burner.

For those who hadn't heard or read, the Senate this week passed a symbolic resolution, 72-25, condemning the "General Betray Us?" ad that MoveOn put in the Sept. 10 edition of The New York Times. Cornyn was the sponsor.

At a time when there are U.S.-sponsored mercenaries killing people in Iraq, a federal investigation into alleged gun-running by the same organization, and a general collapse of the situation there, it's reassuring that the senator is so determinedly standing up for America and supporting our troops -- well, at least those above the rank of full colonel who toe the party line.

I note again that the senator is preparing to stand for re-election next November. How could Texans imagine voting for anyone else, with things going so splendidly?

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Anonymous said...

Rest assured Joe, the GOP will continue to do what they have done for over 150 years: protect the freedoms and rights of all Americans, even those of progressives who would toss them away in exchange for a crumb of power. Besides, why do you care? Soldiers are conservative Dems are involved in the "quagmire." You and your kind are in no danger.

Marc McDonald said...

>>>Rest assured Joe, the GOP will
>>>continue to do what they have
>>>done for over 150 years:
>>>protect the freedoms and rights
>>>of all Americans

Is this a joke? The Bush Crime Family has all but destroyed Americans' rights and freedoms. Bush shredded the Constitution. He embraced torture as official state policy. He engaged in illegal wiretaps. He and his thugs stole two elections. He did away with habeas corpus, (a fundamental human right that dates back to the year 1215, when the Magna Carta was issued).

>>>Soldiers are conservative

Do you know this for a fact? I find it interesting how so many of our leaders who served in combat are Dems, from Murtha to Kerry to Cleland.

One thing that IS certain, though, is that the lying sack-of-shit NeoCons that lied us into this war are all a bunch of cowards who never saw combat (from Bush to Cheney to Rush to Wolfowitz).

Manifesto Joe said...

One of the fun things about progressive blogging is that sometimes you can entice right-wingers into saying the most asinine things. That wasn't a joke, Marc. That first poster IS a joke.

Anonymous said...

Wasn't Cornyn the right-wing nutcase who said (in so many words) that liberal activist judges pretty much have it coming to them if they get shot?
Shouldn't it be treason to say something like this?
I can't understand why the Repukes can make comments like this that go ignored by the media. And yet Al Gore can be raked over the coals for years on end because of something he NEVER EVEN SAID. (The "I invented the Internet" controversy).