Friday, May 18, 2007

Bye, Wolfman: The Neo-Con House Of Cards Keeps Crashing


So, Paul Wolfowitz has finally faced the music and will resign as World Bank president. It was absurd for the likes of him to serve as its chief in the first place, regardless of the scandal that led to his demise.

This was the man who was No. 2 at the Pentagon when the most senseless war in modern times -- I would dare say even more senseless than Vietnam -- was planned. How in creation did anyone think that this was the man to put in charge of a philanthropic development bank, to help the poor?

Forget about the scandal -- this is just typical of the arrogance of people in high positions. Seldom do any of them, Democrat or Republican, conservative or liberal or any points in between, think much about ethical issues.

Wolfowitz was clearly and immediately a ridiculous choice for the post, and the rest of the world practically laughed at it from Day One.

I don't care that Wolfie had a girlfriend, and I'm not concerned that he got her lots of good pay and perks. It's naive to think that such things don't go on, in both the public and private sectors, all the time.

The point always was that appointing the likes of him to this post was like putting Leona Helmsley in charge of some hotel workers union. It was absurd on first principles.

But now, let's see whom Il Doofus will suggest for his successor!

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Anonymous said...

In a way, I always kind of admired Leona Helmsley. She once said that only the "little people" should pay taxes (and she received a great deal of criticism for this). But in reality, she was just being honest in voicing what rich people in this country secretly believe (but are too gutless to say aloud). Rich people by and large have utter contempt for the poor and working class. I think most ordinary Americans would be astonished to learn of all the tax loopholes that rich people enjoy. In fact, President Bush once said that it wouldn't even matter if his tax breaks for the wealthy were repealed---because rich people "can figure out how to avoid paying taxes anyway."

Anonymous said...

I think the administration will soon find him a new job... maybe he will be the bushster's choice for AG after gonzo gets the boot.

Anonymous said...

You say Wolfowitz was a "ridiculous choice" for the World Bank.
What's really ridiculous is the idea that the World Bank gives a damn about poor nations. All they do is strong-arm Third World nations into adopting extreme, radical "free market" policies that often make the people even more impoverished.

Manifesto Joe said...

Yes -- excellent point. It seems that the fox was already in charge of the henhouse. But then the brought in the Wolf.

Manifesto Joe said...

Sorry, "they" brought in the wolf.