Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Thanks to Media Attention, Ann Coulter Is Out-Limbaughing Limbaugh


It is hard to figure out how to deal with a public figure as vile as Ann Coulter.

This fetid product of gated-community privilege has spent her adult life spewing contempt at everyone and everything different from the sorority-house milieu that she surely knows too well. This is not unusual in itself.

But what makes Ann different is her nasty gift for perverse self-promotion. She is quite calculating in her use of epithets such as "faggot" and "raghead." She suggests that Timothy McVeigh was wrong only in that he did not target The New York Times. She says perhaps the solution to the Mideast crisis is that we should simply invade Muslim countries, kill their leaders and convert the populace to Christianity. Her ad hominem attacks on political opponents have become ad nauseam, they are so predictable and frequent.

So, how have the mainstream media dealt with the blond hatchet-face? The responses have been wide-ranging. Some outlets have mostly ignored her. Others have gone so far as to call her some kind of American Voltaire -- which shows how decadent our MSM have become. Either way, Ann has trumped her physical opposite, the corpulent, oozing Sultan of Slime, the would-be Court Jester to the Third Reich, Herr Rush Limbaugh. With the miniskirts and the carefully crafted persona of Debutante From Hell, she has stolen Fat Boy's thunder.

How should she be dealt with? It's a tough question. I've got a suggestion. When one chooses to live by the sword, one should die by it. Ann specializes in ad hominem attacks. OK, here goes:

This is an unmarried woman, 45 years old, who has reportedly broken off a number of engagements. When some reporter pointed out that this seemed at odds with her "family values" politics, she dismissed the reporter as "ugly." And, she once commented about how all the pretty girls on college campuses seemed to be the ones she saw in Republican and conservative groups. Does she dig them? Makes you wonder a little, doesn't it? Unmarried at 45, and admiring the young GOP sweeties? (I believe the analogous word for "faggot" is "dyke." Please don't send me to rehab.)

She has enhanced her career by being tall, blond, leggy and skinny. Well, to me she looks skinny enough to be bulimic (Thrown up any veggie burgers lately, Ann?), and her limbs look like toothpicks. She has no cleavage to speak of. She's somewhere between hatchet-faced and horse-faced, and she's got bug eyes. She's a hard-looking woman who won't age well without help from her plastic surgeon.

She's the spawn of affluent people in Connecticut who were able to sent Miss Prissy Princess to all the best schools and universities, where she no doubt shared her stuffed toys with her dainty suitemates. She has no firsthand idea how most people have to make it in life. Her mind is a gated community.

Her main talent is for the insult, and that has made her temporarily famous. She will be remembered much the same way Father Coughlin or Joe McCarthy are now. Voltaire has nothing to worry about.

This is a person who will, I forecast, be remembered as a sort of perfumed vermin of our time.

Live by the sword, die by it. Fair enough?

Manifesto Joe is an underground writer living in Texas. Check out his new blog at Manifesto Joe's Texas Blues.


Anonymous said...

Father Coughlin wasn't all bad, was he? (He supported FDR in the early 30s).

Anonymous said...

This is Manifesto Joe, using the anonymous mode for reasons I won't go into. Good historical point. But don't forget, Father Coughlin got very vicious very soon after that. By the mid-'30s he was calling the New Deal "the Jew Deal" and saying on the radio that FDR was "a liar" and "anti-God." The anti-semitism aside, this stuff sounds a lot like today's hate radio, doesn't it?

Anonymous said...

"Time" magazine did a gushing, puff-piece cover-story profile on Ann Coulter last year. So much for the "Liberal" media.

Larry said...

Coulter and the neocons love her shooting off her mouth because it brings in ratings for Fox, book sales for Coulter, and the negative words lingering about a Democrat.


Capatain Conservative said...

You know...she IS kinda funny looking! Sort of like John Kerry with tits and a blond wig! Heh heh heh!

I still say if she had called John Edwards a pussy instead of a faggot she would not have stepped on her own nut-sack, and it would not have even made a headline. There is no evidence to indicate he is gay, but there is plenty of evidence he is a puss. She should stick to statements that she can back up.

Anonymous said...

It's interesting that you got a lot of your facts just wrong. Coulter didn't call the ignorant liberal heckler ugly, she called him cute I believe. There were a few other lies that you told to support your propaganda piece.

I'll have to go out and buy a few more Coulter books right away. The continuing support of a no holds barred liberal hypocrisy detector like Ann Coulter is essential.

Savage. said...

Ann Coulter is just a ho.

Now most of the hos I know are pretty attractive to me.

Ann Coulter is not that bad looking, really, but as soon as she opens her mouth, everything smells like spew.

As hos go, Ann is a lowgrade venomous
type and I would not like to know her any better.

Ain't freedom of speech wonderful?

All these "righties" hate Americans.

The only freedom they espouse is the freedom to be just like them.

I don't want to be like Ann. I'm 62, male, an old warrior, patriot, entrepreneur.

I don't want to be a ho no mo.

But, it's a good gig. Look at all the money they make...!

Like the old Chief of the Ermineskin band, Chief Smallboy, told me onetime:

"Christ must be full of money."

For sure, if that's Christ....

One thing IS for sure, I'd rather date a faggot than a ho like Ann.

And you can tell her I said so.

I'm Steve Pipkin-Savage
and that's exactly what I think.

Hope you all have a wonderful week.
Don't worry too much about these talking hateheads...

They soon evaporate...

It's all hot air anyway.