Thursday, November 23, 2006

This Thanksgiving, Remember The Millions Who Go Hungry In Bush's America


From time to time, I like to browse the right-wing nutcase sites that populate the Web. It's always interesting to see what the Kool Aid-drinking wackos are up to these days, especially in the aftermath of their crushing Nov. 7 election defeat.

Earlier today, I visited to see what the drug-addled Fat One was up to these days.

Imagine my surprise when I spotted the following headline on Rush's welcome page:

"There Are No More "Hungry" in America (But the Media Will Still Cover Homeless on Thanksgiving to Make Us Feel Guilty)."

I expected this headline to be linked to a page containing yet another rambling "screw the poor" screed by Limbaugh.

But instead, the link goes to a story by Australia's The Age newspaper.

The story talks about a recent change in terminology by the U.S. government. For whatever reason, U.S. bureaucrats have begun referring to Americans who are hungry as people with "very low food security."

The article mentions that "the change in terminology has angered groups that fight hunger who say it is aimed at hiding a stark reality."

Terminology aside, what caught my eye in this article is the fact that it mentions that nearly 11 million Americans face a "constant struggle with hunger." This information, by the way, is in the opening sentence of the article.

And yet, astonishingly, Rush points to this article (in a high-profile link at the top of his site's welcome page) as evidence that there are there are no more "hungry" in America.

I don't get it. Is this some sort of sick joke on Rush's part? (like in 1992, when he referred to then-13-year-old Chelsea Clinton as "a dog." Or did the Rush Web site team just neglect to actually read The Age story that they linked to? Or maybe they just didn't understand the story.

Who knows?

Limbaugh isn't the only right-wing nutcase who likes to make jokes about the millions of Americans who are homeless and hungry. Take (please) Michael Savage, for example.

In September 2000, Savage was discussing a program in which students volunteer to distribute sandwiches to the homeless in San Francisco, when he let loose this tirade, (which is creepy on so many different levels, you could write a book about it):

"The girls from Branson can go in and maybe get raped ... because they seem to like the excitement of it. There's always the thrill and possibility they'll be raped in a Dumpster while giving out a turkey sandwich."

Anyway, when you sit down to enjoy today's Thanksgiving meal, remember that there are millions of Americans who still go hungry every day in George W. Bush's America. While Bush and his cronies have been fighting for more tax cuts for the mega-wealthy (like Limbaugh) he's completely neglected the millions of Americans who, (unlike the likes of Bush and Paris Hilton) weren't born into wealth and luxury.

Happy Thanksgiving.


Anonymous said...

BushBots keep repeating the lie that Bush "inherited a recession" from Clinton.
Guess what?
They lied. Again.
See this story:

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

America is facing the biggest deficits of any nation in history. And yet Bush is fighting for ending the Estate Tax, (which will cost the Treasury some $280 billion dollars in coming years). Bush definitely has his priorities straight.

Capatain Conservative said...

Marc, for a smart guy, you sure do start a lot of sentences with "What I can't understand..."
I have decided to use some of my conservative super powers to enlighten you: Rush was pulling your chain. Stop being his puppet. He is playing you. So, yes. It was supposed to be funny. It is like saying no one in America has died of old age since 1951 or that old age was cured in 1951... because that year "old age" was removed as a permissable entry on death certificates. You see how that works? It is funny. It is even funnier when someone reads it literally and believes old age (or hunger) is truly considered cured.
Thank me.
Captain Conservative

Capatain Conservative said...

I will help you too, simple little anonymous commentor. Estate taxes are not paid from the Treasury. They are taken by force from greiving (or occasionally relieve...depending on the demeanor of the deceased) families. Tax cuts are free. They cost the government nothing. Government spending is what depletes the Treasury. What you really meant to protest is rampant government spending.
Thank me.
Captain Conservative.