Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Speaking Of Civil War, Could It Happen Here?


Media pundits have been abuzz lately, pondering whether Iraq is headed toward civil war.

The New York Times Baghdad bureau chief John F. Burns says he believes civil war has already been under way for some time. On the other hand, George W. Bush continues to show that he is dangerously out of touch with what's going on in Iraq.

As Iraq descends into bloody chaos and anarchy, I increasingly wonder if the U.S. could be facing a civil war itself one of these days. For a start, in many ways, this country is as polarized as it was at the dawn of America's first civil war.

Don't believe me?

If you think the Bush-bashing and partisan outrage is robust on the Web's progressive sites, then spend a few hours listening to the hate-spewers over on right-wing radio and Fox News these days.

Day after day, right-wing nut cases like Rush Limbaugh and Bill O'Reilly slime and smear the Left, accusing us of everything from hating America, to treason, to giving aid and comfort to our nation's enemies.

America's long-poisoned well of political debate is now the equivalent of a dry, gasoline-soaked powder keg. All it would take is a spark to set it off into conflagration.

It's easy to imagine how all of this could eventually lead to violence in the streets some day. Any one of a number of factors could be the igniting spark.

For example, let's say that Bush decides to invade Iran: a very real possibility. Are America's progressives going to continue to sit idly by while Bush continues to launch war after war? The disastrous Iraq war is already unpopular enough; it's hard to fathom the popular backlash that a war on Iran would provoke.

There are a number of other potential sparks that could set off a civil war in the U.S. Many progressives (as well as independents) already believe that the 2000 election was a fraud. A growing number of us believe that the exit polls showing a Kerry victory demonstrated that the 2004 election was a fraud, as well. What if we see another highly suspect election in November?

Are those of us who aren't Republican fanatics going to continue to sit on our thumbs while the right-wing in this country continues to blatantly steal elections? I don't think so. Sooner or later, the people will realize that the sort of change that America needs can only be achieved by taking to the streets.

Other factors could be the igniting spark: civil unrest caused by a sudden crash in the dollar's value, caused by the out-of-control Bush deficits. Or an economic depression, caused by a sudden hike in the price of oil.

Last but not least, let's speculate for a moment what will likely happen if another 9/11-style attack hits America. It's almost certain that Bush will use this opportunity to launch a massive crackdown on the civil liberties he hasn't already stolen from us.

No doubt, the fanatical BushBots out there will predictably support this move, (just as they supported Bush's illegal wiretaps). But how about the rest of us? Are we going to sit around idly while Bush completes the job of turning America into a full-fledged police state?

Civil war in America? I really don't think it's that far-fetched.


Anonymous said...

Bush has divided Amerkah so drastically that another American Civil War is
very possible.
Trouble is, Bush voters wouldn't be willing to die for George and Jeb and
Condi and Rove.
Cheney would surrender, immediately and theis time Bush would be held
accountable for all his lawbreaking ways.

Anonymous said...

When? I'm ready. The problem is Bushco is just waiting for some form of rebellion to declare martial law and put those 800 FEMA concentration camps to use. This IS a Fascist State and the last election was in 1996. Anything since and in the future is a sham to convince idiots they still have a voice in the govmt. FUGWB

Anonymous said...

Who do you think Bush is wiretapping???

Anonymous said...

I think we will see a sharp spike in the price of oil in the near future. Iran may well make good on its threat to turn off its spigots, which would cause the price of oil to skyrocket. This would indeed lead to serious civil unrest in the U.S., particularly among the poor and working classes, who'd disproportionately feel the sting of sky-high gas prices at the pump. The scary thing is, even if Iran doesn't shut off its oil, we will still be seeing a spike in oil's price in the near future.

Anonymous said...

There won't be another civil war, because for the corporate Fascist Neocons, it would not be profitable.

Kevin Schmidt, Sterling VA

Anonymous said...

The problem I am worry about is Iran will start trading its oil by euro instead of $ and what we did to DP they also may do the same.If that happened the value for the mighty $$ will be huge decline and all of us will get f* up.Bush's policy is very dangerous and what the future will bring to us can't be imagined

Anonymous said...

Things are getting so that I'd rather fight my own government than fight for it. Bloody shame, no?

Unknown said...

I am not much on the technical aspects of what spurs civil war politically, but common sense tells me that rising oil prices could lead to deaths in the United States... we are headed for a serious potential internal struggle- Civil War at worst. I beg Congress and our President to watch the oil prices... we are getting into dangerous waters now... I live in a rural area where there is no bus line - people rely on their cars. Many have low level incomes they can barely survive on as it is... and the population area is GREAT for these unfortunate folks. Lets not forget we are a nation built upon Revolution and Civil War... we are strong, and independent and we WILL eat our own tail if its hindering us.... MJS

Anonymous said...

good thing you all are anonymous or you would be put in the secret prisons. douche bags