Thursday, July 14, 2005

An Open Letter To Bush: Are We Fighting The "Trrrr-ists" In London So We Do Not Have To Face Them At Home?


It was bad enough for one of the journalism charlatans at Fox News to talk about the London bombing in terms of how one could profit from it. (The swinelike Brit Hume suggested this would be a good time to buy futures.) But for loutish insensitivity, he was topped by our own "president," who told his Saturday morning radio audience that we are "fighting the terrorists abroad so we do not have to face them at home."

Mr. Bush, did you imply that it's better to have the London subway system be a battleground than to have al Qaeda blowing up folks over here?

This mantra of your was insulting enough in the context of the Iraq war. Never mind that it was your foolhardiness that turned that country into a terrorist magnet, and the best training ground al Qaeda ever had. What you expressed is sort of a not-in-my-back-yard school of anti-terrorism -- essentially, let's keep them on the run so they can only hit foreign targets!

Mr. Bush, I never quite understood how shallow you really are until you invoked this mantra of yours in this particular address. Despite all the gushing rhetoric, this shows a ludicrous lack of respect and empathy for the civilians who are being killed daily in this conflict, whether Britons or Iraqis. You have denigrated the value of their lives; indeed, those of everyone, except "Murkans."

It is bad enough that neither you nor Mr. Blair seem to understand that your totally unrelated invasion of Iraq actually played into the hands of terrorists the world over. Thanks to this needless quagmire:
  • The U.S. is militarily overextended, unable to deal effectively with those actually responsible for 9-11, the London bombing, and the other atrocities.

  • Terrorist recruitment has probably spiked greatly because of outrage in the Muslim world over your poorly veiled oil grab.

  • Terrorist activity, in any case, has definitely increased. MSNBC reported that a RAND Corp. database shows that the number of deaths from terrorism worldwide has sharply risen since the Iraq invasion.

  • Again, Iraq is a perfect training ground for the recruits.

  • World opinion of the United States has probably never been worse.

  • And, all in all, the world is much more dangerous -- and, your mantra aside, it is likely only a matter of time before our own infrastructure, and people, come under attack again. Our Coast Guard and border patrol aren't good enough to keep our real enemies at bay much longer.
What would you say if they bombed the port of Los Angeles, or took out the Golden Gate Bridge during rush hour? That we're fighting the "trrrr-ists" in California so we do not have to face them in Washington? Or Crawford? Your mantra was disrespectful enough to the nearly 1,800 soldiers who have died so far in your and Mr. Blair's extracurricular misadventure. But in this radio address -- well, I thought I had already heard as much bovine excrement as you could muster for one speech. I was wrong. Mr. Bush, you owe the British people an apology. And your fellow "Murkans" your resignation. Then we'll see if Cheney can be impeached. MANIFESTO JOE IS AN UNDERGROUND WRITER LIVING IN TEXAS.

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frogribs said...

Funny, as I read this I noticed the blurb on the side of my Starbucks cup stating "Everywhere, unthinking mobs of 'independent thinkers' wield tired cliches like cudgels, pummeling those who dare question 'enlightened' dogma." This post is a perfect example of the shrill wailing of liberals in the death throes of irrelevance.

To answer your stunning question directly, yes. Yes it is better "to have the London subway system be a battleground than to have al Qaeda blowing up folks over here." The duty of the president is to place the lives and well being of Americans above all others.

The greatest roadblock to the stabilization of the middle east and of the global political climate is a combination of fearful, whining, and, frankly, annoying "progressive" Americans who are so bent on regaining political power and relevance that they are willing to barter American lives and freedoms in their quest.

If there is a mantra it is led by the Ted Kennedy leftists. Their self-loathing, American-hating rants and protests are costing American lives and emboldening the enemy. They hope in their hearts for another major attack a-la 9/11 on American soil. Only such an event can stop the freight train of the current bull economy and bring fear and unease back into the political climate. Fear: the fuel of the modern leftist machine.

What a horrible, shameful legacy for the one proud and honorable Democrat party. The party of irrelevance. The party of dread and fear. The party of shrinking, shriveling cowards.

Quagmire? The U.S. unquestionably has the mightiest military on the planet. They have exchanged the lives of U.S. soldiers to free millions of innocent Iraqi civilians in the most surgically precise battle maneuvers ever performed in history. Iraqi civilian casualties have occurred, but at a rate far lower than anyone could have ever expected.

The U.S. still faces an insurgency, but they must remain to complete the mission in order to avoid the disastrous result learned in Viet Nam. Napoleon said it best, "If you decide to take Paris, take Paris." Finish the job. The most tragic occurrence would be the election of a weak, pacifist president who, like the last liberal in the white house, will take the pulse of that day's public opinion and factor that in when deciding about matters of national security.

Terrorists are watching the response of the U.S. They are on their heels because the old media is no longer able to convince the American people to believe something other than the truth. Their propaganda with all of its bluster and fury is not working. Americans have new ways to get to the truth. Peter Jennings is dead. Dan Rather...what happened to him? Tom Brokaw is fishing. The internet is alive. Talk radio has an unstoppable ally; the truth. Even though tax dollars are being poured into NPR and PBS forums, no one is listening.

There is a huge push to create a "liberal Rush Limbaugh," but one after another has failed. Why? Because liberals have nothing to offer. All they do is join the tired chorus of complainers. They drone on ad nauseam about what an awful place America has become. They are truly a dreadful lot. Optimism has eluded them, and it has been replaced with the shrill din of negativity.

What happened to the party of JFK? Democrats were proud then. They cared about the country and about its security. JFK would die all over again to see how the party has been hijacked by these Rumpelstiltskin baby boomers who never got past the glory days of Viet Nam. Where can you find a good sit-in with a Cumbayah chorus these days?

Does anyone remember how we got this country? We got it by force. We decimated the Indians. We took advantage of the French (thank you Ben Franklin.) We invaded the Spanish and the Mexicans and took the spoils. We exploited slaves until the error was purged with the blood of 500,000 of our countrymen. We triumphed over all of these obstacles. Manifest destiny still runs in my veins and in the veins of the free and the brave. Thank God, the free and the brave still outnumber the shrinking and the shrill.

Yes. It IS better to destroy those who would do us harm. We need to remind them where we came from and what it took to make this country. It was paid for with the blood, sweat, grief, and sacrifice of those from whom we inherited it.

Americans will not walk away anymore. We will not be overshadowed by a few greedy misguided power hungry individuals. Those who weakened us after Viet Nam have lost their place, and real Americans have resurfaced. The world will know after Iraq that we will methodically disassemble our enemies. We will not be turned. We will use all of our resources: lives, property, money, ANYTHING to protect freedom.

Freedom is the official religion of America, and it reins supreme. The world will start to realize that again as we stand our ground. They knew it after WWII. They will know it after a wholesome, brave, Christian conservative takes his place in the Oval Office after the 2008 election,

Keep complaining. As long as you (liberals...progressives...however you decide to sugar-coat it these days) offer no viable alternative to a strong, free United States, freedom will continue to rein strong and Americans can remain proud, safe and resolute.